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Everything You Need to Enhance Your Cozy Candle Habit

Benevolence LA/HB Design Co./Siene

From fuzzy blankets and oversized pillows to ambient lighting, there are a lot of ways to make your home feel cozy. But, perhaps, nothing says cozy like the flickering glow of a candle with a tantalizing, room-filling scent.

To some, candles might seem like a simple, but unnecessary indulgence. However, if you appreciate their soothing nature, you probably already have a plethora of them around your home. But do you have everything you need to ensure your candles remain as beautiful and long-lasting as possible?

From items that will ensure your candles last and last to products that enhance the way they burn, we’ve rounded up a few candle accessories that will elevate your cozy candle collection.

A Wick Trimmer

A wick trimmer is used to shorten a candle's wick.

Not only will this rose-gold wick trimmer look beautiful displayed next to your candle, but it’s also a must-have to help your candles burn at their best.

Candles wicks should be 1/4-1/2 an inch tall. This will prevent excess smoke and soot from accumulating. It also prevents the candle from burning too hot and compromising the fragrance.

This trimmer looks gorgeous but also has all the practical attributes you need. The sharp trimmer ensures the wick wll be cut—not bent—on the first snip. With its long handle, you’ll be able to trim the wick no matter how low your candle has burned.

Siene Candle Wick Trimmer

Keep all those wicks the perfect height.

Decorative Safety Matches

A glass bottle holds multicolored matches.
Benevolence LA

A match is a match, right? Not necessarily. We’ve all been there: your candle has burned so low that lighting it has become a game of doing so before burning yourself. Well, these beauties take care of that.

This set of decorative matches add a little something extra with their multicolored tips. The glass, corked-stopped bottle with a gold top provides an elevated way to display the item, rather than just a traditional lighter.

They’ve also got a practical purpose, though. Unlike traditional matches, these are what are called safety matches. Their stems are longer in order to prevent burning yourself as you light your candle.

Benevolence LA Decorative Matches

No more burned fingers and fun colors? Yes, please!

Candle Holders

Candle holders sit on a table and a mantle.
HB Design Co.

Many use their candles as cozy, relaxing accessories, but others also use them as décor. That’s where nice candle holders come in.

There’s no shortage of different styles, it just depends on your personal preference and the types of candles you have. Those with highly fragranced candles that don’t love the marketing can use rattan holders that camouflage the purchased containers.

If you have pillar candles, you can opt for tall, elevated holders, like this set from HB Design Co. Not only can they be used on your tablescape or mantle, but you get different widths and heights for a chic, mix-and-match look.

Plus, they’re black, so they’ll suit all design styles and won’t clash with any of your candles.

HB Design Co Matte Black Candle Holders Set of 3

Showcase your candles on these chic holders.

A Candle Snuffer

A person uses a snuffer to put out a candle.

Blowing out a candle is fine, right? Sure. Is it the best choice? No. A candle snuffer might seem like a Victorian relic your grandmother would have, but they actually do have practical attributes.

First, when you blow out a candle, you run the risk of melted wax going everywhere. Whether it’s on your shelf or table or us the side of the candle’s glass, it can get messy. A snuffer prevents that.

Second, it eliminates some of the smoke from simply blowing out your candle. Because it’s trapped under the snuffer, this stops the aroma from wafting through the air.

This snuffer features a straight handle, so it works perfectly on a variety of candle types. From pillars to jars, this snuffer can get to a variety of wicks, thanks to its versatile design. Throw in that it can also alter positions thanks to its mobile attachment, and you’ve got both a stylish and practical candle accessory.

Bedogo Candle Snuffer Single Pack

A snuffer so cute, you'll want to display it.

Jar Toppers

A metal, embellished jar with a hole in the center sits on top of a candle.
PH Pandahall

Sure, your candles might be beautiful on their own, but if you want to give them a little extra pizzaz, a topper is the way to go!

As the name implies, you place these decorative metal toppers on top of your jar candles, while they’re burning. As your candle burns, light comes through the etched floral patterns, casting beautiful shadows over your walls.

These aren’t just decorative, though; they also prevent air from entering the candle jar, which can cause the flame to flicker. This can lead to potential tunneling and uneven burning. Not only will your candle burn more evenly, but it’ll also burn more efficiently.

The only caveat about this accessory is to make sure you wait for it to cool before you attempt to remove it, as it’ll burn your fingers!

Leaf Pine Candle Topper

Decorative, practical, and just plain cool-looking!

Candle Warmer

A candle sits on a warmer.

A warmer is a must-have if you want to get every bit of scent from your candle. Once you’ve burned your candle so low you can no longer light it, you can simply move it to a candle warmer. As the wax heats, that last bit of fragrance will fill your space.

Plus, you don’t even have to remember to shut it off—it’ll do so automatically after eight hours for added safety.

Symani Electric Candle Warmer

Warm your candles and your coffee.

If your candle collection is already quite sizable, take things up a notch (or five) with these ingenious accessories. They can enhance your favorite aroma or add a touch of chic, coziness to any décor.

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