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Here’s Why You Might See an Elephant Statue by Someone’s Door

An elephant statue sits by a window.

Most people have small trinkets and accessories in their homes that have special, personal meanings. If you see an elephant, though, there might just be a more universal reason.

You might be familiar with the Chinese art of feng shui: a method for creating balance and flow in your home. But did you know that if you include specific animals in your feng shui design, it’s believed they’ll bring you good fortune? Well, it’s true, and elephants are one such lucky animal.

To feng shui your entryway and welcome luck into your home, place an elephant statue in the foyer, facing away from a door. If the elephant faces the door, though, it’s believed it’ll serve as a protector and prevent negative energy from entering your home.

You can use elephant statues in other areas, as well. Using the feng shui bagua, or energy map, you can decide where best to place them to bring in everything from wealth to love. Using an up-to-date floor plan of your home, you apply the map over top to determine the spaces in your home that correlate to different energy areas.

Abbott Collection Ceramic Elephant Figurine

An elephant in your entryway welcomes positivity.

You can then add the elephant statues to those areas to increase the positive attributes in each. For example, placing an elephant in the feng shui center of the home, known as Tai Qi, helps improve the stability and wellness of the residents.

So, if you see an elephant figurine in someone’s home, it might be more than just a fun trinket or souvenir. From decluttering to clearing the air with plants, implementing more feng shui practices in your home could be the perfect approach to fall decorating.

[Via Taste of Home]

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