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5 Sleeved Blankets to Keep You Warm and Cozy This Winter

Three various people relaxing in sleeved blankets: one in blue on a couch surfing a phone, one in red/blue plaid reading a apaper, and one in a brown, reading a book.

The days are cooling down, and winter yawns before us. To make sure you’re as cozy as possible this fall and winter, it’s time to get yourself (and all your loved ones) a sleeved blanket!

Snuggies, slankets, or whatever you call them, might be silly-looking, but they make an excellent gift for homebodies and people who love being comfortable and warm. They’re essentially a blanket with sleeves, which makes them even better than a regular throw. Here are some of our favorites!

Best Overall: Pavilla Sherpa Fleece Blanket with Kangaroo Pocket

Two images displaying the Pavilla blanket with sleeves.

We love the ultra-cozy fleece blanket fit with oversized sleeves for ultimate comfort. The inner sherpa lining makes for luxuriously soft fabric; you’ll never want to take it off!

We also love the front kangaroo pocket pouch, which is excellent for storing a book, tablet, or phone. Otherwise, use it to keep your hands warm while you watch a good movie.

Choose from nine colors available, and be sure to choose one for a friend, partner, or spouse; it’s one of those gifts anyone would appreciate.

Best Overall

Pavilla Sherpa Lined with Kangaroo Pocket

Stay extra comfy all winter.

Best Budget: The Original Snuggie

Someone writing down notes on a notepad while wearing the comfortable Snuggie.

Remember those infomercials from the mid-2000s featuring the Original Snuggie? Although many mocked the idea, tons of folks fell in love with the product.

If you prefer supporting one of the OG brands that brought this invention to the world stage, then perhaps the Snuggie is for you.

They’re also a reasonable price, making them an excellent gift for friends and family who are hard to shop for. Everyone likes a comfy blanket, so why not get them one they can wear and still use their hands?

Best Budget

The Snuggie Fleece Blanket

The OG Snuggie makes an excellent gift.

Best for Cold Feet: Catalonia Wearable Blanket with Foot Pockets

A person lounging on the counch while enjoying their catalonia sleeved blanket with foot pockets.

Frozen toes are no fun, but having a designated place to store those frigid feet fixes that problem quickly. The Catalonia wearable blanket with foot pockets comes in fleece or fleece with sherpa lining!

This super-soft wearable blanket comes in several colors and fun prints. It’ll keep your entire body—including your shoulders, legs, and feet—warm, while leaving your hands free to complete tasks. It’s the perfect combination of convenience and comfort, all in one blanket.

Best for Cold Feet

Catalonia Wearable Blanket with Foot Pockets

Keep your toes toasty warm with the Catalonia wearable blanket.

Best for Camping: Sportneer Sleeping Bag

Two images displaying the Sportneer sleeping bag with arm holes.

Yes, there’s even a slanket for outdoor enthusiasts! The only problem with sleeping bags is you’re find yourself in a predicament if you need to use your arms. That’s where the Sportneer comes in!

The Sportneer features two vertical zippered openings for your arms, and you can also unzip a horizontal opening for your feet, so you can get up and walk around.

This lightweight sleeping bag is great for traveling, camping, or fall bonfires. It’ll also keep you warm at night on multiday hikes. It’s also easy to clean—just wipe off any dirt or debris and throw it in the washing machine.

Best for Camping

Sportneer Sleeping Bag with Arm Openings

A slanket/sleeping bag hybrid.

Best for Sharing: The Siamese Slanket for Two

An image of a couple sitting on the couch admiring their pet dog, while staying warm in their slanket for two.

Before the Snuggie, there was The Slanket. While they might initially seem like the same product, there are some differences.

First, a slanket is 100% polyester, which makes it thicker and more durable. It feels more like a blanket, whereas the Snuggie is thinner and more robe-like. So if you’re looking for a more blanket-like version, the Slanket might be for you.

To take it one step further, if you love getting cozy with your honey on chilly fall and winter nights, then this siamese slanket is perfect! Cozy up with your spouse or partner in this 120- x 80-inch slanket. It’s also perfect for keeping little ones warm during their Halloween movie marathon.

Best for Sharing

Siamese Slanket for Two

Share the warmth.

A blanket with sleeves is the ultimate cozy comfort on cold fall and winter days and nights. You’re sure to find the perfect one for you—and all the cold-natured folks on your holiday gift list—on this roundup of warmth. So, snuggle up!

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