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Grab This Gear to Upgrade Your Pastry Baking Experience

A pastry blender in a bowl of ingredients; a book cover for "French Pastry Made Simple"; a pastry brush on bread rolls
Spring Chef/Page Street Publishing/OXO

If you’ve ever wanted to dive into the elegant, delicate world of pastry baking, you’ll need the right supplies to do it. We’ve got all your must-haves right here!

You don’t have to be a professional cook to learn to bake beautiful pies, tarts, macarons, eclairs, and other pastries, but you do have to have the right equipment. Before you take your baking game to the next level, make sure you’ve got these items to help you master new skills along the way.

A Silicone Baking Mat with Guides

A set of macarons on a baking sheet with templates; two women piping macarons

A silicone baking sheet is helpful for nonstick baking of any kind, but the Angadona Silicone Macaron Baking Mat Set comes with a twist that pastry bakers will appreciate. Instead of just a plain mat, these silicone sheets have guide markings for making those tricky macarons.

In addition to the markings on the mats themselves, they come with a set of piping bags and tips, which work for making macarons but also can be transferred to other types of piping and pastry.

Angadona Silicone Macaron Baking Mat Set

Nonstick mats with extra guidance for piping macarons and more.

A Reliable Baking Sheet

Left: Various-sized baking sheets with cookies. Right: Large baking sheet with cookies.
Nordic Ware

All the fancy bonus equipment won’t do any good without a reliable set of baking sheets. That’s where the Nordic Ware Baker’s Half Sheet comes in.

These sturdy baking sheets are made from natural aluminum and distribute heat evenly, which is crucial when baking delicate, temperature-sensitive pastries. Plus, they have raised edges—no worries about individual pieces sliding off when you’re taking them out of the oven!

Nordic Ware Baker's Half Sheet

Sturdy aluminum sheets provide the perfect base for pastry baking.

A French Rolling Pin

Hands using a French rolling pin on dough; a rolling pin sitting on top of dough

French rolling pins are a little different than the styles you might be used to, but they can make a big difference when working with any type of pastry that needs rolling out.

The KARRYYOUNG French Rolling Pin is a tapered, handle-less French wooden rolling pin, with three different wood options. This design provides individual bakers with greater control, which is crucial when rolling out things like pastry dough—more specific control can make the difference for not overworking the dough. It’s even easier to clean, since it’s all one solid wood piece!

KARRYYOUNG French Rolling Pin

French rolling pins look intimidating, but they give pastry chefs incredible control.

A Tart Pan

A lemon meringue tart; an apple tart being put into a tin

If you’re getting into pastries, you’ll probably be getting into baking tarts at some point. As you might suspect, those thin, delicate desserts will need a special pan to get them just right.

For a properly shaped, well-cooked crust, you’ll want the Wilton Excelle Elite Non-Stick Tart Pan. It’s durable, has the signature ridged edges of a tart pan, and has a removable bottom for getting those delicate pastries out of the pan—no worries about breaking the crust during the removal process! As a bonus, the pan comes in two different round sizes as well as a rectangle, for all your tart creativity.

Wilton Excelle Elite Non-Stick Tart Pan

Nonstick and with a removable bottom, this tart pan is a must-have.

A Pastry Dough Scraper

A dough cutter being used to cut and score dough

When working with dough, especially delicate or sticky doughs that are sensitive to handling, use a pastry scraper like the MS WGO Pro Dough Pastry Scraper to ensure the best quality dough.

Using a pastry scraper helps to keep the heat of your hands away from the dough itself, while also scraping up all the bits left on the counter or pastry mat. Plus, it doubles as a cutter or scorer, allowing you to make any necessary slices on top of pie crusts, buns, and other baked goods. This model even comes with a ruler to help measure out uniform slices!

MS WGO Pro Dough Pastry Scraper

Work dough without worry.

A Pastry Brush

A pastry brush used on top of baked buns; a black handled pastry brush

For brushing on egg wash, softened butter, or other fillings, you need a good pastry brush. It’s a small touch, but one that really can help to make your pastries look and feel (and even taste!) more professionally done.

The OXO Good Grips Natural Pastry Brush is an easy-to-grip brush for all your pastry needs. It’s made with natural boar bristles that hold up better than synthetics, with a well-sealed brush head to avoid food particles getting down inside the structure of the brush.

OXO Good Grips Natural Pastry Brush

Natural, flexible bristles for a pastry brush that does it all.

A Pastry Blender

A pastry blender in a bowl of butter and powdered ingredients; a hand using the blender
Spring Chef

A good pastry blender is key to properly mixing many pastry doughs. Unlike other methods of combining ingredients, a pastry blender cuts the fats and dry ingredients (and liquids) together without overworking the dough.

The Spring Chef Dough Blender features five well-spaced blades and an easy handle, making it easy even for novices to use it to cut together pastry dough. Use it to make any number of doughs, from pastry dough to biscuits and more.

Spring Chef Dough Blender

A pastry blender is a must for combining delicate pastry dough.

Cookbooks with Recipes and Methods

If you’re diving into the world of pastry baking, having great recipes and tips is crucial to getting it right. Look for cookbooks that combine delicious recipes with step-by-step explanations of how to make the basics. Pastry often involves several variations on a handful of techniques, so it’s helpful to have cookbooks that focus on mastery of those techniques to start with.

French Pastry Made Simple: Foolproof Recipes for Éclairs, Tarts, Macarons and More

Molly Wilkinson creates the perfect guide to making high-quality French pastries of all kinds. Each section goes in-depth to teach about a particular type of dough or pastry, then branches out from the basics to build more complex, delicious recipes for cream puffs, tarts, mousse, puff pastry, and much more.

Baking with Mary Berry: Cakes, Cookies, Pies, and Pastries from the British Queen of Baking

Mary Berry, the iconic British chef (and beloved star of The Great British Baking Show), assembles a cookbook for every baker. Packed with classic recipes, it’s a book that offers guidance on mastering everything from pies and tarts to delicate pastries (and some cookies and cakes, too).

Pastry baking can feel a little intimidating at first, but it doesn’t have to be, especially with these supplies in your corner. Whether you want to expand your existing baking knowledge overall or you’re looking to master a particular treat, these books and tools will help you feel comfortable with the complexities of pastry in no time!

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