Getting a Trim? Try This to Avoid Hair Blunders

A woman's hands cutting long brown hair.

Nearly everyone has a salon horror story to share. Maybe you asked your stylist to cut off “an inch or so,” and then walked out feeling like your hair would never return to its former glory. Here’s how to avoid that.

However, this is not entirely the stylist’s fault. An inch is a finite unit of measurement. But when it comes to hair, an inch can mean many different things. Everyone’s hair is a different texture, and that affects its length. For example, when you cut an inch off of curly hair, it looks vastly different than an inch cut off of very straight hair.

At your next appointment, take matters into your own hands to avoid a cut you don’t like. Instead of asking your stylist to cut off a certain number of inches, show her on your face or body where you’d like your hair to fall. This leaves no room for interpretation and will get you the length you want, regardless of the texture of your hair.

Also, always bring more than one photo of the style you want. One image doesn’t always provide enough information, and your stylist might interpret it differently than you did. If you have multiple images, though, your stylist can get a more precise idea of what you want. And you’ll get a cut you can’t wait to show off.

Elyse Hauser Elyse Hauser
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