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Here’s Why a Honey Dipper Is Better Than a Spoon

A honey dipper drizzles honey into a bowl.
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Ever wondered, “How does a honey dipper work?” Sure, it looks pretty next to a honey pot or tea set, but isn’t a spoon just as good? The answer lies in its ingenious design, which creates a very practical reason for this kitchen tool.

According @LitKitch on TikTok, honey dippers were created in ancient China to carefully distribute honey and prevent it from sliding off in one big glob—you know, like it does when you use a spoon.

However, there’s no documented proof that dippers were created in ancient China. Still, the design does stop your honey from blobbing. The dipper’s crevices keep the honey trapped, and, as long as you rotate the wand horizontally, you won’t lose any of that sweet goodness.

When you’re ready to drizzle some in your tea or over some flatbread, just tilt the dripper vertically and watch that honey drop in a perfect stream.


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In a follow-up video, someone told @LitKitch the dipper was designed to look like a honeycomb. While this is true, @LitKitch explained that the first honey dippers were pine cones on a stick.

The current iterations re-create the shape to achieve the same effect the pine cones had. The shape and divets add some surface area so more honey can be stored on the dipper. As long as you keep it spinning, it won’t fall.

There are primarily two main types of honey dippers: wooden honey dippers and stainless steel honey dippers. Wooden honey dippers are more affordable and often feature intricate designs, making them attractive additions to your kitchen. The intricate design of this tool serves a specific honey dipper purpose, allowing for precise and controlled drizzling of honey without the mess.

FFNIU Honey Dipper Sticks

Classic honey dipper sticks perfect for any kitchen.

On the other hand, stainless steel honey dippers are known for their durability and are dishwasher safe, making cleaning up a breeze.

SONGZIMING Honey Dipper Stick

Stainless steel makes this easy to keep clean.

To ensure your honey dipper stick lasts and remains hygienic, it’s important to store it properly. If you have a wooden dipper, keep it in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight or sources of heat, as this can prevent the wood from cracking or warping over time.

Cleaning your honey dipper is relatively simple. After each use, rinse it with warm water to remove any residual honey. If you’re using a wooden dipper, avoid using harsh detergents or soaking it for extended periods, as this can damage the wood. For stainless steel dippers, you can wash them in the dishwasher or by hand with mild soap. Make sure to dry your dipper thoroughly before storing it to prevent moisture-related issues.

There you have it, the art of how to use a honey dipper. If you want a  perfect drizzle of honey, rather than a glob, consider getting yourself a honey dipper stick. Of course, if you’d rather keep it super simple, you can always just pick up a cute bear-shaped squeeze bottle of the stuff at the grocery.

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