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How to Cook Scrambled Eggs According to Gordon Ramsey

Scrambled eggs are cooked in a pan.
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Scrambled eggs might seem like a simple, easy-to-make breakfast. However, if you’ve ever scorched or overcooked them, you know things can go sideways quickly. Gordon Ramsey has a way to ensure that doesn’t happen.

According to Ramsey, the key to cooking perfect eggs is to continually move the pan on and off the heat. The chef recommends whisking the eggs in the pan, and then, when it’s time to whisk them again, remove them from the heat.

Next, place them back on the burner to cook for a bit, and then remove them for whisking again. Keep alternating this pattern until the eggs are done to your liking. Not only will this method prevent the eggs from overcooking, it’ll also give them a fluffy texture.

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For those who prefer a harder, more solid scramble—think the fluffy, curd-like eggs often served with cheese—Ramsey’s method might be a bit different than what you’re used to, as it’s French-inspired.

Typically, French scrambled eggs are creamier, so if you’re used to a quick batch, this style isn’t for you. The key to Ramsey’s method is cooking the eggs slowly over low heat and whisking them frequently to get that creamy texture and prevent them from getting too firm. You’ll also remove the eggs from the heat early, and then allow them to continue cooking in the hot pan.

If you’re curious how other celebrity cooks make their eggs, check out the odd appliance Martha Stewart uses.

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