Why Magnetic Fridge Spice Racks Are Bad for Your Seasonings

Metal spice jars as magnetically attached to a fridge.

Some people use their fridge as a place to display their kid’s artwork or post to-do and grocery lists, but others use it as a handy place to hang a spice rack. Those magnetic holders that attach to the door not only look cute, but also keep all your seasonings within arm’s reach. Unfortunately, they’re not so good for your spices.

When spices are exposed to sunlight, heat, and oxygen, they become compromised. Their potency and efficacy are reduced, which means you’ll need to use more to get the same amount of flavor. Not only does this mean you’ve got spices going to waste, but you’ll likely need to restock more often.

Another issue is mold. While this takes some time to develop, when herbs and other seasonings are exposed to moisture and the oils emitted when you cook near them, mold can develop inside, and ruin them. While the sun, heat, and oxygen, will result in you having to use more of a spice in your recipes, once mold invades the container, it’ll have to be tossed immediately.

So, how should you store your spices? Like many other pantry staples, including coffee and tea, your herbs and spices should be stored in airtight containers in a cool, dark place.

You’ll also want to keep them away from any area where moisture can accumulate. This means the cabinet next to your stove where steam could rise and creep inside is a no-go.

Kamota Small Glass Jars

Keep your spices fresh and safe in airtight containers.

In addition to proper storage, if you really want to improve the freshness of your spices, you might want to try grinding them yourself.

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