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This Simple Hack Will Make Your Spaghetti Even Tastier

Uncooked spaghetti noodles sit next to a basil leaf.

Nothing says “family dinner” like a big pot of spaghetti, and next-day leftovers are often even more delicious. Is there any way this classic dinner could possibly get any tastier?

Well, of course! According to America’s Test Kitchen, toasting your uncooked spaghetti makes it even more flavorful. Turns out, toasting the pasta brings out its nutty, more savory flavor. You can even add your own seasonings to create an even bolder taste.

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There are three different ways you can try this food hack: in the microwave or oven, or on the stovetop.

Arguably, the microwave is the easiest, quickest option. Simply toss the pasta in olive oil and any seasonings you like, place them in a bowl, and then microwave them on half-power for 3-5 minutes until they look blistered.

If you want to keep it on the stovetop, break the noodles into 1-2 inch lengths, and then toss them in olive oil and your fave seasonings. Toast them on medium-high heat for 6-10 minutes, stirring regularly.

For the oven method, spread the noodles on a sheet pan, and then roast them at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes.

No matter which method you prefer, give this hack a shot next time spaghetti’s on the menu. And why stop there? If your fam loves pasta,  we’ve got plenty of other easy recipes you’ll want to try.

[Via America’s Test Kitchen]

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