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A TikTok Butterbeer Cookie Will Sort You Into Your Hogwarts House

A person pulls apart a cookie to reveal color inside.
The Palatable Life/TikTok

While Harry Potter is great for year-round viewing, Halloween makes the films just a bit more special. This year, as a Halloween treat, you can make butterbeer cookies that will reveal your Hogwarts House.

TikTok content creator @ThePalatableLife is known for crafting desserts that are themed after movies and television shows. One of her more popular creations is the Harry Potter butterbeer cookies, which conceal the colors of your Hogwarts House inside.

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Make your own Harry Potter cookies!

In the video, the creator adds butter, two eggs, brown sugar, vanilla extract, granulated sugar, flour, and baking soda before revealing that it’s actually butterscotch-flavored gelatin that will give the cookies the famous butterbeer flavor from the books and films. After adding in the gelatin mix, she combines all of the ingredients then tosses in some white chocolate chips. As a pro-tip, though, she says you can add butterscotch chips for a stronger flavor.

When combined, she rolls the dough into balls and uses her thumb to create an indention at the center. Using red, green, blue, and yellow M&Ms to reflect the house colors of Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff respectively, she adds a few of a single color of the candy into each cookie before closing up the indention and baking.


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♬ Harry Potter Theme Song - Ost

Once done, the M&Ms inside the cookies aren’t visible. When you and your guests choose your first cookie, take a bite, and look inside, the color will reveal your true Hogwarts House. Pretty clever, right?

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