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November’s New Books Truly Have Something For Everyone

Book covers for "Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone", "Immune," and "Everything We Didn't Say"
Delacorte Press/Random House/Atria

November is always a busy season for new books, with publishers getting out some of their most-anticipated titles ahead of the holiday buying rush. This month, those books include deep-dive nonfiction, plenty of genre fiction for every taste, and at least one sequel that readers have been waiting on for years!

Before your next trip to the bookstore this November, check out some of the buzziest titles making a splash this month.

Her Name Is Knight

In this twisty spy thriller by Yasmin Angoe, a former victim of human trafficking becomes an elite assassin working for a powerful organization who, she believes, is seeking justice for people like her.

When she impulsively saves a life instead of killing a target — then learns that a new member of her organization was responsible for her childhood trauma — she’s forced to reevaluate what she really knows and decide which direction she wants her life to take. Out Nov. 1.

The London House

What would you do if you uncovered a secret family link to British Nazi sympathizers? That’s the premise of Katherine Reay’s new historical fiction novel.

When Caroline receives word from an old friend that he’s uncovered evidence that her aunt was a WWII traitor, she flies to London to discover the truth. Upon uncovering her aunt’s old papers, however, she discovers that the real story was much more complicated than anyone knew. Out Nov. 2.

A Certain Appeal

If you’ve ever wondered what Pride and Prejudice would look like in the world of modern burlesque, this romance from Vanessa King is for you!

A former interior designer and a wealth manager find each other completely intolerable, but as they’re forced to spend time together when their best friends fall in love, things start to get a lot more complicated. Out Nov. 2.

Immune: A Journey into the Mysterious System That Keeps You Alive

We all talk about our immune systems all the time, but how much do we really know?

This nonfiction book by Philipp Dettmer takes a deep dive into the immune system, with illustrations and explanations in every chapter, breaking it down into individual elements that make up the “protection” for our whole bodies. Out Nov. 2.

Heard It in a Love Song: A Novel

In Tracey Garvis Graves’s new novel, a thirtysomething divorcee tries to find herself again after making herself so small for a decade to try to fit into her marriage.

As she starts to reconnect with the music she loved, she also connects with a fellow single parent who, like her, is trying to make sense of a sudden change in life. Out Nov. 2.

Anticipation: A Novel

Science, history, and a little bit of the mystical combine in this centuries-spanning epic by Melodie Winawer.

A scientist on vacation with her is trying to make a breakthrough in curing a genetic disease and stumbles across a strange bit of history that links to her research. What she doesn’t know (yet) is that her tour guide has a direct link to that history — and has been part of it for nearly 800 years. Out Nov. 2.

The Fastest Way to Fall

In Denise Williams’s new book, a lifestyle writer tests out a body-positive fitness app for an article and gets a lot more than she bargained for when she first pitched her idea.

As she works towards what fitness means for her, she also bonds with her coach (who also happens to be one of the founders of the whole company) and learns a lot about what it really means to look in the mirror and love yourself. Out Nov. 2.

Everything We Didn't Say: A Novel

Nicole Baart’s latest is a twisty small-town thriller full of secrets. Years ago, Juniper’s life was turned upside down when her younger brother was accused of murdering the couple from the neighboring farm.

Now she’s back in that small town, trying to reconnect with her estranged daughter and find out what really happened on that fateful night once and for all. Out Nov. 2.

The After Party

From A.C. Arthur comes a 9 to 5 -esque story with a modern twist! Three overworked and underappreciated coworkers fantasize about how much better their lives would be without their terrible boss–only for their wishes to come true in a horrifying way.

Now, they have to stick together to avoid the worst and keep each other safe from more twists and turns than they could handle alone. Out Nov. 9.

The Wedding Ringer

Kerry Rea’s new comedy is all about friendship and love. After setbacks in her personal and professional life, Willa agrees to be a “ringer”: a paid bridesmaid in a near-stranger’s wedding.

As she unexpectedly forms a real friendship with the bride (and a real spark with a cute doctor), she has to decide if this friendship is worth sticking around for. Out Nov. 9.

The Joy of Pizza: Everything You Need to Know

Who doesn’t love pizza? This mouthwatering new book by Dan Richer and Katie Parla offers a look at the history and art and science of pizza making, alongside plenty of tips and recipes to turn out the perfect pie every time. Out Nov. 9.

Sway with Me

In Syed M. Masood’s new YA novel with a hint of She’s All That flair, an awkward teenager and his confident classmate team up against frustrating families and expectations.

In exchange for her help with finding him a match so he won’t be alone when his beloved great-grandfather dies, Arsalan makes a deal with classmate Beenish: to help her perform a forbidden dance and throw a wrench in her sister’s engagment to a horrible man. Out Nov. 9


Nnedi Okorafor gives us this science fiction novel with an Africanfuturist twist. In near-future Nigeria, AO is a woman with several “body augmentations” as a result of birth abnormalities and a car accident.

One day, as an adult, she’s forced to flee when a simple market day goes horribly wrong, and her story, along with that of an unexpected ally, become fodder for a world where every story is streamed everywhere. Out Nov. 9.

The Singles Table

Sara Desai’s series of contemporary romances continues with this new title. Lawyer Zara has closed off herself to romance, but she delights in matchmaking for her friends and family.

When she crosses paths with security specialist Jay, she enjoys needling him, but when they’re stuck with each other for a long wedding season, they both start to rethink their views on life and love. Out Nov. 16.

Welcome to Dunder Mifflin: The Ultimate Oral History of The Office

The Office is one of those iconic sitcoms that has bled into overall pop culture—even if you’ve barely seen the show, you know the quotes, the characters, and the memes.

Years after the series finale, the cast, crew, and creative team share the real history of the show, curated from hundreds of hours of interviews, behind the scenes pictures, and much more. Out Nov. 16.

An Heiress's Guide to Deception and Desire

Exes turned enemies are forced to work together when a mutual acquaintance goes missing in this mystery-slash-romance from Manda Collins.

Caroline, a crime writer, and Val, the heir to a noble line, are stuck with each other as they try to unravel a disappearance, bringing their old feelings for each other back up after they’d long since thought they were over it. Out Nov. 16.

Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone

Diana Gabaldon’s long-anticipated ninth Outlander novel follows Jamie, Claire, and their family as the American Revolution threatens everything and everyone.

With the battle lines drawing nearer and secrets coming out, the Fraser family can’t help wondering whether the past or the future is truly the safer place to be. Out Nov. 23.

You'll Be the Death of Me

Karen M. McManus gives us YA thriller with a murderous twist. Three very different high school students, who all used to be best friends, decide to ditch on the same day after dealing with unexpected bad news.

When they witness the death of a fourth student that day, however, the trio are thrust into the center of an unraveling story that reveals long-held secrets and terrifying truths. Out Nov. 30.

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