How to Chill Your Cookie Dough According to TikTok

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Baking experts likely know that the process can be an exact science. A recent TikTok video shows just how small changes in chill time and baking temperature can affect cookies.

Sarah Crawford, TikTok content creator and owner of the food website Broma Bakery, posted a video to her account explaining what chilling dough and cooking it at different temperatures can ultimately do to the cookie and offered the method she thinks is best.

In the video, Crawford sets out six different cookies on a cookie sheet. All of them come from the same dough recipe, but they have been chilled and baked differently. Some are chewier, crunchier, and more spread out baked on how they were cooked. Crawford walks viewers through them all before getting to what she considers the best method.

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According to the TikTok content creator, a two-hour chill and a bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit is the way to go. Crawford says chilling for this time period helps to “deepen the flavor of the cookie” as it gives the ingredients time to melt together in the fridge. This also gives the cookie a chewy center, crispy edges, and a perfect amount of spread as it cooks.


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Chill time and baking temperature aren’t the only ways to customize your perfect cookie. You can also alter the dough’s ingredients for a different flavor, switch up the texture by adding items like walnuts, and even make cookie cakes! The good news, though, is that we’ve broken down some of the best chocolate chip cookie hacks here.

The next time you need to make a batch for friends and family, though, you might want to factor in chill time.

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