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10 Adult Disney Gifts for Holiday 2021

An earring is shaped like Minnie Mouse, a tumbler features red and white polka dots, and a sweatshirt has Cinderella's caste on the front.
Kate Spade/Corkcicle/Anatolia Clothing

Hello, I’m a 32-year-old woman, and I still love Disney. There’s a strong likelihood that you know someone just like me. If that’s true, an adult Disney gift is the way to go this holiday season.

Sure, Disney is often associated with children. They are, after all, the studio’s target market, but the power of nostalgia is strong. Whether you remember a Disney film as your first movie theater outing (it was The Lion King for me) or think fondly of your trip to Disney World or Disneyland, Mickey Mouse still has a hold on many of us.

If you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect gift for your Disney-obsessed friend, we’ve got a few suggestions.

Minnie Mouse Corkcicle Stemless Cup

A person holds a stack of red and white polka dot glasses.

Wine and Disney? What’s not to love. While sure, you can fill this Minnie Mouse-themed stemless glass from Corkcicle with anything you want, it was specifically designed with wine in mind.

Thanks to its triple insulation layers, the glass keeps beverages cold for nine hours making it perfect for those who love chilled white wine, but it can also keep drinks warm for three hours if you want to make a hot toddy this holiday season. The cup also comes with a clear, shatter-proof lid if you want to take your drink on the go (just you know, nothing alcoholic), and there’s a silicone bottom to prevent any sliding when on a flat surface.

Cinderella’s Castle Sweatshirt

Two sweatshirts with Cinderella's castle on them hang on hangers.
Anatolia Clothing/Etsy

Wear your Disney heart on your, well, chest in this case. These size-inclusive crewneck sweatshirts (they go up to 3X) feature the iconic outline of Cinderella’s castle with the Walt Disney name in classic Disney font below. If you were a child of the ’90s, you likely recognize the logo as the one that appeared before every animated film of the era. If you want to harken back to ’90s, this is the sweatshirt to do it.

Disney Crockpot

A slow cooker has Mickey Mouse on it.

Some nights, when you don’t feel like cooking, you just want to throw together a meal in your crockpot. You can make your reluctant cooking just a bit more whimsical with this Disney-themed slow cooker (and matching 20-ounce dipper). The cooker holds five quarts—the size of a standard slow cooker—making it the ideal size for weeknight dinners, and it features an adorable glass top with Mickey Mouse ears as the handle. As for the dipper, it’s perfect for dip recipes, sauces, and appetizers. When you take it to parties, people are sure to love the design.

Disney DCM-502 Mickey Mouse Oval Slow Cooker with 20-Ounce Dipper

Make dinners fun with this adorable slow cooker.

Minnie Mouse Earrings

A woman wears earrings shaped like Minnie Mouse.
Kate Spade

For those who might want something a bit more subtle than a sweatshirt emblazoned with the Disney logo, these adorable Minnie Mouse earrings from Kate Spade are perfect. The studs feature faux diamonds in the center, a subtle rose gold bow, and plated gold mouse ears. While up close you’ll be able to see that the earrings are shaped like Minnie Mouse, from a distance, they’ll seem like simple, chic studs.

Kate Spade New York Minnie Pave Studs Earrings

Subtle and chic has never looked better.

Chip Coffee Mug

A mug is shaped like chip
FAB Starpoint

If there’s a tea or coffee-loving, Disney-obsessed person in your life, this mug inspired by Chip from Beauty and the Beast is a must-shop. Does it do anything fancy like self-heat? No, but it also doesn’t need any extra bells and whistles because it’s so cute on its own. Made from sturdy ceramic with a “chip” at the top just the character’s own, the mug is ideal for fans who love the fairy tale film.

Disney Beauty and the Beast Chip Mug

Sometimes, a simple gift is best.

Disney Princess Eye Shadow Palette

A lip color is swatched over a surface.

While it’s not quite the same as donning a pair of earrings or carrying around a Minnie Mouse tumbler, makeup lovers can show their love of Disney with this stellar collaboration between the studio and ColourPop.

This deep, brick red liquid lipstick is themed after The Princess and the Frog‘s Princess Tiana and features a matte, velvety finish that’s not drying. It’s also part of a larger collection from ColourPop—the Disney Designer Collection. In it, Disney fans can find eyeshadow palettes, more lip colors, and blushes all modeled after different princesses.

Disney Art Print

A woman places a print of Cinderella's castle on a shelf.
Tausha Schumann Art/Etsy

If the adorable Mickey Mouse slow cooker isn’t quite enough Disney in your home, you can always add an art print. This piece from Tausha Schumann on Etsy features a watercolor depiction of Cinderella’s castle at Walt Disney World. Not only is it a beautiful piece of art, but you can customize the way it is displayed. The print is actually a digital download. It’ll come directly to you via e-mail with a download link. You can then take it and have it printed and framed to match your giftee’s tastes.

Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutters

Cookie dough is cut to resemble a mouse.
Baking World

Bring some Disney joy to your baking with this set of cookie cutters. While it’s not officially associated with Disney, the mouse ear shapes are very Mickey Mouse-esque. You don’t just get Mickey’s famous ears, though. There are also cookie-cutter recreations of his iconic gloves and shoes. Throw in a few fun shapes—like stars and candy—and you’ve got a collection of Disney-themed cookies perfect for any party (or weeknight in because who doesn’t love Disney cookies?).

BakingWorld Mouse Cookie Cutter Set

Need a Disney stocking stuff? Here you go.

Mickey Raybans

A pair of raybans feature mickey mouse.

Planning a trip to Walt Disney World or Disneyland in the new year? A pair of Mickey sunnies are a must. Even if you aren’t headed to the magical amusement park, these Raybans feature a classic silhouette and black frames that are perfect for any gender. With Mickey’s famous shoes running along one side, and red shorts on the other, it’s a subtle but fun nod to the character that’s perfect for those who want to say “I love Disney,” but not scream it.

Pizza Planet Igloo Cooler

A red and white cooler with Pizza Planet written on top.

Don’t worry Pixar fans. We haven’t forgotten about you. This Toy Story Pizza Planet-themed cooler is perfect for those who are the more outdoorsy sort of Disney fan. The classic Igloo design features a tent top with a soft grip for carrying as well as a single-press button for easy access to the contents inside. The cooler can fit up to six cans, and its durable exterior means that whether you take this cooler camping, tailgating, or fishing, it’ll hold up to the elements while keeping snacks and drinks cool.

Whether it’s a makeup lover, a baker, or an outdoor lover, there’s a little bit of Disney that can be infused into any gift. Now, it’s just time for you to get shopping.

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