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About LifeSavvy

About LifeSavvy

LifeSavvy is an independent publication focused on a single goal: helping you make the best purchase possible.

What does that look like? We don’t just recommend the best Dutch oven for your needs, we show you how to take care of it so it lasts a lifetime and we recommend delicious recipes to help you get the most out of owning it. The same goes for recommending products for the rest of your home and beyond. We’re not just here to tell you that something is a great value, we’re here to help you enjoy owning it.

How We Review Products

A man watering a hanging plant using a copper watering can.

What does our review and testing process look like? There’s a good chance you have somebody in your circle of family and friends that would fit right in at LifeSavvy. Whether it’s that uncle who obsessively researches every gadget he buys or a friend who doesn’t buy a tube of sunscreen without knowing everything about every ingredient, those kind of folks embody the sort of in-depth research we do here.

Our staff is made up of dedicated experts. People who, both inside and outside of work, love the thrill of hunting down deals, comparing product stats, and testing whether or not products really live up to the hype and glowing reviews they’ve received.

How much do we love it? If we were all employed in an entirely different industry we would still be doing this kind of intense research in our personal time. We live for the challenge of crunching the numbers, comparing the details, and running the tests to find the best of the best in every category.

Every recommendation is a culmination of that research and depending on the product includes: aggregating consumer reviews, benchmarks, independent testing, and expert consultation.

How We Acquire Products

We get products one of two ways for testing on LifeSavvy: either we purchase them right off the shelf like you would or we reach out to companies and request a review unit.

Whether we purchase a product or receive one temporarily for review, we never accept compensation from companies in exchange for reviews or preferential treatment. If we wouldn’t purchase the product with our own money for our own personal use, we don’t recommend it.

Where We Test Products

Speaking of doing things just like you would, we test products under real-world conditions just like the ones you experience at home.

At the end of the day, who cares if one portable air conditioner benchmarks at a few degrees cooler than another portable air conditioner when measured under laboratory conditions if, in the real world, one model has serious design flaws that overshadow everything else?

We care how products perform in the real world because, just like you, we’re consumers who use products in the real world: in our home offices, our bedrooms, our kitchens, and driving around in our cars. We hate abstract reviews focused on just numbers and we assume our readers do too.

Editorial Guidelines and Ethics

Every article at LifeSavvy is intended to be as accurate and useful as possible to our readers. Whether you’re buying a $2 whisk or a $2,000 appliance, we’ve done our due diligence to research every aspect of your purchase with a fair and experienced eye. If you should find an error, big or small, in an article on LifeSavvy, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at contact@lifesavvy.com, and we will investigate.

Our product and service recommendations at LifeSavvy are completely impartial, and we do not accept compensation, be it monetary or material, to cover a product or service. We do not accept guest posts, promotional posts, or requests from outside parties to produce paid content. While the products we review are sometimes supplied by their respective companies, we are not compensated for our reviews in any fashion.

Any advertisements on our website are clearly marked with the word “Advertisement,” and any sponsored articles are clearly marked with the word “Sponsored.” Sponsored articles are not written by the editorial staff. Our editorial team is separate from the business arm of the company and maintains editorial independence.

Where Our Review Products Go

When we are done testing and reviewing a product we donate or responsibly dispose of it. Recipients of our donations include national charities like Goodwill as well as various regional 501(c)(3) organizations local to our staff.

Our Editorial Team

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About the Network

Based in Virginia, LifeSavvy Media is an independent company that remains owned by its founders, Lowell Heddings and Erik Wang. Unlike many other websites, LifeSavvy, like its sister-sites How-To Geek, ReviewGeek, and CloudSavvyIT, was built without any outside investment or corporate ownership. It remains an independent organization today.

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LifeSavvy is focused on a single goal: helping you make the most informed purchases possible. Want to know more?