Sunscreen Been Recalled? Here’s How to Find a Replacement

You head to your local Target or browse Amazon only to find that your favorite sunscreen is no longer available. After a bit of research, you realize it’s been recalled due to carcinogens. Now, you’re freaked out and sunscreen-less, but don’t worry—we got some advice from the experts.

The Ultimate Guide to Self-Tanners

We all know by now that prolonged exposure to the sun and tanning beds can lead to premature aging or, even worse, skin cancer. Spray tans are okay, but they’re costly and not always readily available. If you prefer your skin to be bronze rather than pale, your best bet is to get a self-tanner.

What Is Face Yoga, and Does It Prevent Wrinkles?

Hitting your yoga mat each day provides a plethora of benefits for your body. Strange as it might seem, it works for your skin, too—especially your face! Face yoga can not only rejuvenate your complexion, but it can also prevent wrinkles and fine lines.
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