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6 Health Myths and Urban Legends Debunked

As we grow up, most of us learn that, contrary to what we may have been led to believe as children, adults do not, in fact, know everything. They can, in fact, be spectacularly wrong. In fact, many of the health-related myths and urban legends we heard growing up fall into that category.

How to Exercise More While Barely Trying

Between work, family, and other obligations, finding time to exercise can seem impossible. But there are actually many ways you can get more exercise without hitting the gym or going on a jog. By making these simple changes to your daily routine, you can get more exercise without disrupting your busy schedule.

What Causes Side Stitches When Running?

A side stitch—also known as a side ache or a cramp—is an intense stabbing pain in your side that occurs during exercise. Sometimes the pain goes away during your workout, and sometimes it sticks around until you stop exercising altogether.

How to Start Working Out As a Total Beginner

Working out is a fantastic way to improve your overall health and well-being. Whether you are new to exercise or simply looking to make a change, this guide will help you get started on the right track. With a focus on heart health, muscle strength, and mood boosts, you can begin your journey to a healthier, happier you.
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