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Meatless Monday Recipes to Save Cash on Your Grocery Bill

Let’s face it: groceries are expensive at the moment, especially when you’re buying high-quality animal produce. Here are five delicious and nutritious options if you’re ready to jump on board with Meatless Mondays and save some cash by switching up your protein for a plant-based source.

7 Surprising Ways to Use a Rice Cooker

Slow cookers and air fryers get a lot of attention, but don’t forget about rice cookers. These appliances aren’t limited to cooking rice. Thanks to a unique cooking method, rice cookers can make moist, flavorful, and tender dishes perfect for any meal of the day. Here are some of our favorite ideas.

How to Roast Vegetables Like a Pro

Want to eat more vegetables? Try roasting them. Roasting allows veggies to cook at a high temperature and caramelize, bringing out their natural sweetness and creating a crispy texture. Here’s everything you need to know about roasting vegetables like a pro in your own kitchen.

What Should You Eat After a Workout?

POV: you just completed an awesome workout and you’re ready for your refuel. What do you go for? A protein bar, a fruit smoothie, a sandwich, or an avocado toast? And does it really matter? Here’s all you need to know about¬†post-workout meals.
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