5 Signs It’s Time to Repot a Plant

It’s a fact of being a plant owner: Plants need to be repotted sometimes. But, how do you know when it’s time? A few simple signs will appear when it’s time to repot your houseplant, and they’re pretty easy to notice during routine daily care.

The Best Ways to Organize and Show Off Your Summer Photos

Thanks to smartphones and digital storage, we don’t think twice about snapping a few photos when we’re having fun. But those photos add up quickly and can get lost in your phone or camera’s storage. Keep your summer memories alive with these fun ways to organize your pictures.

Grandma Was Right: 5 Simple Bedroom Routines You Should Embrace

You know how grandmas always sprinkle little nuggets of wisdom into everyday conversation? Many are usually about the rituals, habits, and routines they swear by—and they’re right. When it comes to your morning and bedtime routines, in particular, taking your Gran’s advice can make a world of difference.
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