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30-minute Treadmill Workout for Your Whole Body

When you think of treadmills, you probably think of running or at least walking on an incline. To be fair, that’s what the majority of people do on them. But, what if you could turn it into a fun and interesting 30-minute whole-body workout? Here’s what you can do.

5 Tips to Work Out in Warmer Weather

Summer is just around the corner and with it, a chance to take your workout outside. Even though you’ve probably waited all year for this, there are some important things to prepare for as warm weather brings on its own set of challenges.

The 6 Most Effective Post-Workout Stretches

After a good workout, there’s nothing more beneficial than stretching. It’s the best thing you can do for your hard-working muscles because it helps them stay flexible and strong. It can also increase your mobility and range of motion, and improve your recovery time.

5 Simple Exercises to Tone Those Arms

The majority of workout programs tend to focus on the lower body, but working your upper body is just as important. Your arms also need some resistance training to get toned and sculpted, and these five exercises will help you do just that!
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