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Add Some Greenery to Your Living Space with These Wreaths

The odds are good that when the average person thinks of a wreath, the first image that comes to mind will be a holiday wreath made of evergreen boughs—a wreath that is temporary, eventually wilts, loses its vibrant green color, and is thrown away. But there is no reason that you can’t buy a more permanent wreath that can be displayed year-round instead of restricted to one season or holiday. A wreath with faux leaves, whether decorated or plain, can add some greenery to brighten either your door or the inside of your home. A wreath with artificial leaves provides the additional advantage of never needing to be watered, nor will it ever wilt, shed leaves or needles, or lose its color. And as long as the wreath you buy is of high enough quality, the faux leaves and other botanical adornments will look so realistic that your guests won’t be able to tell the difference.

Finding the Perfect Wreath

Here’s what to look into when shopping for a decorative wreath:

  • Size: As with many home wall decorations, wreaths can be small, medium, or large in size. A 16-to-20-inch outer diameter is the most common size range for artificial wreaths. There are wreaths outside that size range if you want something larger or smaller, too. You may find it helpful to decide ahead of time where you’ll want to hang the wreath and measure the available space. This can help you figure out approximately what will fit there, which will help you narrow your search.
  • Design: Do you want a wreath that’s made to look like leaves, pine boughs, or something else? Do you want leaves or needles that are a darker or lighter shade of green? Maybe even in a different color altogether? Do you want one decorated with artificial berries or flowers? Ribbons, pinecones, or glitter? Do you want a wreath with a neat, trimmed circle of branches or with longer, spiraled tendrils? All of these are design options to consider when you’re shopping for a wreath.
  • Material: You’ll want to make sure your wreath has a backing made of some sort of metal to ensure that the frame is sturdy and strong enough to support the wreath and its adornments. If you’re looking for an artificial pine wreath, look for options made of polyethylene (PE) or PVC, as these are the most realistic-looking and durable materials. As far as leaves and flowers are concerned, silk is generally considered a good choice of material as it is a deceptively strong fabric that adds a lovely subtle shimmer to the wreath. If you do buy a wreath made of silk leaves, however, be sure to check for instructions about cleaning and hanging it outside on your door or in direct sunlight. Some leaves made of silk or other fabric have been treated to avoiding fading from prolonged exposure to sunlight, so one of these wreaths is ideal if you want an artificial wreath for your front door.

Top Choice: CEWOR Artificial Eucalyptus Wreath

This is a highly realistic and high-quality wreath with a simple yet elegant shape that will match just about any decor or interior design in any room in the house. The fabric leaves are made in the shape of two different types of eucalyptus leaves and colored a lovely deep yet soft shade of green that will look attractive and flattering anywhere you hang it. The two different leaf shapes and the full, round white berries were matched and designed to make the wreath’s layers more distinct, giving it a fuller look. The wreath has an inner diameter of about 10 inches and an outer diameter of about 20 inches; the wreath will arrive in a tighter, smaller circle for protective purposes, but you can easily expand and reposition the tendrils to your liking. The tendrils and branches can be adjusted as many times as you wish in case you ever need to pack it up for moving or storage. Best of all, the wreath is as low maintenance as it is beautiful, requiring no special cleaning or upkeep. Whether you choose to hang this wreath on a wall, window, door, or mirror, it’ll add some lush vibrancy to your living space. It also makes a great candle ring.

Top Choice

Best Floral: Delicaft Handcrafted Wreath

Sometimes a wreath with berries and green leaves—artificial or real—isn’t enough by itself; sometimes the situation calls for a little extra color and brightness. A wreath decorated with flowers is the perfect way to add that additional flair and warmth, and this flowery model makes for an excellent choice if you’re in the market for a rich, colorful artificial floral wreath. The roses, peonies, and hydrangeas come in various complementary shades of pink, accented with peony leaves and durable brown twigs and vines for a classic, timeless look. Pink, green, and brown are colors that are fitting and appropriate no matter the season. If you want flowers in a color or colors besides pink or if the shades of pink don’t match your home, there are seven other colors, styles, and leaf patterns from which to choose on the 16-inch diameter wreath. The flowers and leaves are all made of silk, which is treated with special ultraviolet protection to prevent fading over time. This means that this wreath is safe to hang on your front door without fear from direct sunlight. The leaves and flowers do not require any special maintenance on your end. It comes with a perfect-sized box for easy and convenient storage. There’s also space to decorate this wreath with a small string of lights for added glimmer or holiday spirit.

Best Floral

Delicaft Large Peonies Hydrangea Wreath Door Wreath - Handcrafted Wreath for Home Wall Decor (Champagne)

A beautiful and timeless wreath decorated with silk flowers and leaves that won't fade over time.

Best Set: LSKYTOP 2 Pack Boxwood Wreaths

Here’s a two-for-one deal that gives you two cute miniature, multipurpose wreaths for one reasonable price. Each of these wreaths has an overall diameter of 11 inches and an interior diameter of 5.5 inches. The alternating bright green and dark green leaves lend the wreaths a more realistic look and are modeled after boxwood leaves. They’re made from top-notch plastic that won’t rip, tear, or fade. The tiny white flowers woven in amongst the leaves are made of the same durable, fade-resistant material and add some subtle liveliness to the wreaths. Both frames have a small built-in hook, which makes them easy to hang. Whether you use them to decorate your window, wall, blanket ladder, or front door, these wreaths are sure to add some vivacity and eye-catching greenery even if the depths of winter.

Best Set

LSKYTOP 2 Pack Boxwood Wreath Round Wreath Artificial Wreath Green Leaves Wreath Door Wall Window Decoration,11Inch/PC

A pair of small yet multifunctional wreaths made of highly durable, fade-resistant plastic.

Also Great: VGIA Green Leaf Eucalyptus Wreath

Bring the outdoors inside with this wreath of artificial eucalyptus leaves in a classic, artistic style that will never look out of place or go out of fashion. The 18-inch diameter means this wreath is large enough to make a statement but not so large that it’ll be hard to find a spot for it in the house or be too big to fit on most front doors. The white, rounded flower buds mixed in throughout the leaves and branches add some subtle elegance to the wreath without overpowering it or weighing it down. Both the eucalyptus-styled leaves and flowers are made of high-quality silk and can be cleaned with water whenever you feel they need a touch-up. The round holder is crafted with floral picks to form a natural wreath base, which will make your home feel fresh all year round, whether you hang the wreath on the wall, above the fireplace, or in the window.

Also Great

VGIA Green Leaf Eucalyptus Wreath for Festival Celebration Front Door/Wall/Fireplace Laurel/Eucalyptus Hanger Home Relaxed Decor

A wreath of silk eucalyptus leaves and flowers that will lend your home an artistic ambiance.

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