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The Best Balance Boards to Add to Your Workout

We often forget to focus on balance in our fast-paced workouts and fast-paced lives. We lift, run, jump, hustle. When you slow down and take the time to center yourself and find your core, you open up the opportunity to have a healthier, more balanced life. These balance boards just might be your doorway into that life!

Purchasing a Balance Board

Balance boards have different features to take into consideration:

  • Skill Level: Beginners will want to look for more bells and whistles in the way of a board. Advanced users will look for something more challenging with fewer extras.
  • Grips: Safety is a huge concern when working balance. Look for a board with a grip that suits your safety needs with grips to keep your feet in place.
  • Size: Smaller boards pose more of a challenge with less surface area to stand on. Take the size of the board and your experience level into consideration.

Best Circular Board: NALANDA Wobble Balance Board

NALANDA offers a circular board that is sure to be a versatile addition to your workout equipment. This 16.3-inch board is larger than most wobble boards on the market. It is specially designed to keep the board in an unbalanced state, making it very challenging! It is made of high-quality, environmentally friendly, and nontoxic materials that are safe for all ages.

This board features an anti-slip top surface and is sturdy enough to support up to 660 pounds. You will find that cleaning is a breeze with this wobble board as well. There are so many possible exercises with the addition of the dual-handle design.

Best for Kids: Gentle Monster Wooden Wobble Balance Board

This balance board is sure to be a hit with the young ones. This 35-inch rocker by Gentle Monster is as versatile as your imagination is wide! It will help any user of any age to develop more balance. Each board is one of a kind with unique grain, coloring, and mineral patterns. It measures 35 inches long, 11.8 inches wide, and 0.66 inches thick. It can safely hold up to 480 pounds and is an awesome and stimulating way to promote good posture for kids and adults!

Best for Pros: Skill Board Balance Board

The Skill Board is certain to challenge your core and push your balance skills to the next level. Your core is used in almost everything you do in daily life, and this board is sure to train that. This board can move in 360 degrees of motion as it balances on a sphere. This sphere can be firm and challenging, or you can deflate it slightly to ease into the balance training. The Skill Board will up your game in sports and make your life more balanced!

Best High-End Board: Revolution FIT Three-in-One Balance Board

Break away from standard methods of building muscle with the Revolution FIT Three-in-One Balance Board. This board includes three different bases to challenge you in several exciting exercises. There is a disk-like 360 Air Cushion that will work your core in all directions. There are two separate rollers of varying sizes to change your workouts up so that you never get bored. Not only that, you can access a full digital guide to help you get started with your new board!

Best High-End Board

Revbalance FIT 3-in-1 Exercise Balance Board Training System (Blue)

Three-in-one training is sure to improve your core strength.

Best Budget Board: Yes4All Wooden Wobble Balance Board

This awesome board comes in several colors that will meet all of your balance board needs without breaking the bank. The Yes4All Board is a 15.75-inch-diameter board with a secure anti-skid surface that can support up to 300 pounds. 15 degrees of tilting and 360 degrees of rotation will keep your exercises fun and interesting while also maintaining a challenge. The high-quality plastic bottom will help you with your exercises of every kind!

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