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Best Martini Glasses for Cocktail Hour at Home

A young woman sits in a bar and holds a stemless martini glass.
Dragon Glassware

An iconic cocktail like the martini deserves a glass that matches its sophistication. You can use these beautiful cocktail glasses for your next at-home happy hour to serve your martinis, or other cocktails, in proper style! These glasses will elevate your martini experience, whether you use gin or vodka, shake or stir, garnish with olives or lemon twists—or go for more unconventional recipes! Here are some beautiful martini glasses we recommend.

Choose the Right Glasses for Your Martinis

When shopping for your perfect martini glass, consider these factors:

  • Shape: The classic “Y” shape of the martini glass, introduced at the 1925 Paris exposition as a modern version of the champagne coupe, became the symbol of the ultramodern style by the mid-20th century. Today, there are many martini glass designs that are riffs on this classic shape that give you the same function and style. That said, the “U” shape of the coupe glass is also a great option. The main justification for the Y shape is that the large surface area provides more air exposure for gin to increase its aroma, but a U-shaped coupe glass can have a large surface area too. The question of shape really comes down to what you find most appealing.
  • Stems: The function of the stem is to remove warm hands from the glass bowl to keep the martini cold, but many stemless glasses are designed to maintain the cold temperature of drinks just as well. If you go with a stemmed glass, make sure the stem is at least 2.5 inches long to accommodate large hands.
  • Chilling: A cold glass is essential to a good martini, and most glasses can be chilled by putting ice and water in them or by putting them in the refrigerator. If you want your martinis super-chilled, check to make sure the glasses are safe to put in the freezer.

Best Traditional Glasses: Minteer Formulas Glacier Glass – Milano Collection

four Y shaped martini glasses made of clear glass, one with liquid and olives inside
Minteer Formulas

This set of four six-ounce classic martini glasses are made from a specially formulated glass that creates a durable sparkle while being able to withstand heat and buffeting in the dishwasher. The glasses are 6 inches high, with a bowl diameter of 4 inches and a base diameter of 2 inches. The thick stem on these glasses protects them from breakage. This set of sturdy glasses is perfect for gifting and invites an elegant look into your home.

Best Traditional Glasses

Best Coupe Glasses: barconic 7-ounce Coupe Glass

Large surface U-shaped coupe glass.

For some, the Y-shaped martini glass is difficult to manage and too easy to spill. The rounded sides on this set of four 7-ounce glasses solve the spilling problem elegantly. They are also great for champagne and other cocktails, and even appetizers and desserts! These glasses are 5 inches high and have a top diameter of 3.625 inches and a base diameter of 3 inches, with a 3-inch long stem.

Best Coupe Glasses

BARCONIC 7 ounce Coupe Glass - (Box of 4)

Perfect size for cocktails as the U-shape prevents spilling.

Best Contemporary Style: Dragon Glassware Martini Glasses

V-shaped glass with thick base, filled with red liquid.
Dragon Glassware

As a new take on the Y-shaped martini glass, these 7-ounce stemless glasses insulate your drink with a double wall of handcrafted glass to keep your drinks colder longer, with no condensation. Refrigerator and freezer safe, so you can quickly chill your drinks. These glasses measure 4 inches in height and 4.4 inches across at the top. They come in sets of two, four, and six.

Best Cut Glass: Godinger Coupe and Ice Bucket Set

Four cut glass U-shaped coupe glasses with large cut glass ice bucket in the center.

Add sparkle and shine to your next cocktail party with these crystal glasses and a matching ice bucket. The polished pattern is timelessly elegant, and the glass quality exceeds expectations for its price! The glasses are 6.75 inches tall, with a top diameter of 6.75 inches and a bottom diameter of 4.75 inches. Each drinking glass holds 6 ounces, while the ice bucket’s volume is 56 ounces.

Best Cut Glass

Budget-Friendly: PARNOO Cocktail Glasses

Eight conical clear glasses, one filled with olives and clear liquid.

This stemless martini set gives you high-quality, durable glasses at an incredible price. Four inches tall and 3.5 inches at the top, with a 2-inch wide base, these glasses are able to hold up to 8 ounces. The set is great for large parties and also perfect for serving desserts and appetizers!

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