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The Best Blanket Hoodies

🕚 Updated March 2022

Blanket hoodies (also known as wearable blankets or hooded blankets) are blankets sewn into a loose sweatshirt shape. Simply put, they're pieces of loungewear that you'll be racing home to jump into. Here are some we recommend.

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  Top Choice Best Patterns Best Oversized Best Sherpa-Lined Best with a Zipper
Original Wearable Blanket
Angel Wrap Hooded Blanket
Blanket Hoodie Sweatshirt
Blanket Hoodie
Hoodie Blanket with Zipper
Our SummaryThis hooded blanket features 250 GSM of microfiber polyester and is long enough to cover your toes.This hooded blanket features a user-forward closure design and a Sherpa lining.This large hooded blanket features a 200-GSM surface and 230-GSM Sherpa interior lining.This hooded blanket features two unique forms of heat retention, so you can lock in warmth or keep excess warmth at bay.This hooded blanket features a zip-up design running along its heat-saving frame.
ProsSherpa lining, microfiber exterior, comes in sports team designs, reliable, shown on Shark Tank, big pocket.Poncho-style design sits on the shoulders without sliding off, 240-GSM construction, Sherpa-lined cuffs are both stylish and warm.A large choice with plenty of heft, oversized design adds extra warmth, polyester fabric brings soft edge.Defined by its side split and waist belt design perks that allow heat to come and go, available in four sizes.Locks in heat without slipping off shoulders, oversized construction is bound to fit all users.
ConsSmall neck hole, more expensive.Less heat retention than others, specific washing requirements.Polyester can retain stains/smells, limited color selection.Higher price tag, polyester and Sherpa blend come with their downsides.Zipper can snag easily, limited color options.
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The Best Blanket Hoodies

Three women wearing blanket hoodies.

Blanket hoodies offer a way to walk around with the cozy feeling of being wrapped in your favorite blanket without needing to constantly hug it against your shoulders or expose yourself to freezing air when you get up from the couch to go to the bathroom. They’re incredibly comfortable and cozy for lounging around the house and are a fun way to keep warm when camping or at a chilly outdoor event. If you’re in the market for a new kind of cozy, then here are a few options we think you should check out.

Buying Guide for Blanket Hoodies

a man wearing a furry hoodie blanket on the couch.
Egoitz Bengoetxea/Shutterstock.com

Why buy a blanket hoodie?

Here’s why you should don a hooded blanket: all-day comfort. There’s just no stopping your rest and relaxation time when you’ve got a fuzzy blanket coat stretching from your head to your waist. Yet the convenience of a wearable blanket makes it even better and more practical.

What should you look for in a blanket hoodie?

  • Design: Like most clothing and blankets, blanket hoodies come in a great range of colors and designs. Whether you like plaids, florals, animal prints, or polka dots, odds are good that you’ll be able to find a wearable blanket in your favorite type of pattern. There are also plenty of solid-colored and multicolored options in just about any shade you might want. Some wearable blankets even have animal ears and tails to resemble bears, dogs, cats, and so forth.
  • Material: When selecting a wearable blanket, you’ll want to go for one made with soft, warm fabric. Microfiber wearable blankets with flannel or Sherpa fleece lining will be the most common and tend to be the best option as they’re plush and insulate heat, which will keep you nice and toasty. Fleece wearable blankets are also an excellent alternative for anyone who wants something warm that doesn’t have a plush appearance.
  • Length: There really isn’t one standard length for wearable blankets. Some are floor-length and will cover you from head to toe. Others are essentially oversized sweatshirts and end around the waist or hips. Consider when and where you plan to wear your hoodie blanket most of the time.

What type of closure design should you select?

There are really only a handful of closure designs you’ll find on the market. Your standard choice is the pull-over hoodie, which you can pull on and off like a regular hoodie with efficient ease. Then there’s the button-up choice, an upscale pick just based on the appearance of its buttons alone. This can prove to be a bit tricky, as you’ll need to fuss for a moment to keep your blanket in place. Finally, there’s the zippered option, which locks in heat better than others but can prove to be difficult because of a zipper’s likelihood of breaking. Your decision here should be largely based on what you find the easiest to navigate on the laziest of days.

Our Picks for the Most Snuggly Blanket Hoodies

Top Choice

THE COMFY Original Wearable Blanket

This hooded blanket features 250 GSM of microfiber polyester and is long enough to cover your toes.

Pros: Packing a great deal of luxury into its construction, this blanket hoodie knows how to stand up against the cold. It’s great for wearing outside to sporting events and even comes in popular team designs. Its super-soft Sherpa lining envelops you in coziness, and its kangaroo pocket is convenient for holding your phone or remote and keeping your hands warm. It appeared on Shark Tank and has won over many people ever since.

Cons: The neck hole isn’t very big, so some people have a hard time pulling it on and off without really messing up their hair. It’s also more expensive than some other options.

Bottom Line: This well-known and well-liked blanket hoodie embodies all the comfort that a wearable blanket can provide without overcomplicating its design. It’s such a popular choice for a reason!


Best Patterns

PAVILIA Angel Wrap Hooded Blanket

This hooded blanket features a user-forward closure and a Sherpa lining.

Pros: Sporting a poncho-style design that slips on without the risk of sliding off, this hooded blanket drapes users in its warmth. Its fleece exterior is only bested by the Sherpa interior lining that cuffs around the trim of the waist and hood of the blanket. It features a 240-GSM microfiber polyester construction with two built-in side pockets that provide just enough storage for cell phones, TV remotes, and even a water bottle. It’s also available in eight different colors.

Cons: While Sherpa lining is often associated with cozy sensations, you may be surprised to know that it’s not actually warmer, or even as warm, as fleece. Though it’s machine washable, the inclusion of Sherpa means that you can only toss this in a cold wash cycle.

Bottom Line: If you’re after a cooler yet bulkier style of warmth, this PAVILIA Angel Wrap Hooded Blanket brings you a totally convenient design that’s available in more than one unique color pattern.


Best Oversized

Catalonia Blanket Hoodie Sweatshirt

This large hooded blanket features a 200-GSM surface and a 230-GSM Sherpa interior lining.

Pros: There are those who enjoy feeling wrapped up in their blankets, and then there are those who want their blankets to swaddle them 15 times over. This hooded blanket skews closer to the latter design, as its comforting oversized design offers full-body luxury that slides over the body from the top like a traditional hoodie. Its 100% polyester fabric brings the softness, while a spacious pocket near the waistline provides great storage and plenty of hand warming.

Cons: It’s important to know that polyester doesn’t hold up like cotton or heftier, thicker materials will. Moreover, it holds onto scents, so you’re likely going to need to wash this one often. Its limited color selection also pales in comparison to other options on the market.

Bottom Line: A pull-on option that engulfs you in its warm embrace, this Catalonia Blanket Hoodie Sweatshirt offers you more than enough coverage for those cold mornings or lazy days when there’s nothing on your mind except couch surfing.


Best Sherpa-Lined

Bedsure Blanket Hoodie

This hooded blanket features two unique forms of heat retention, so you can lock in warmth or keep excess warmth at bay.

Pros: Another large and tremendously fluffy option, both in and outside, this hooded blanket packs a few neat perks that set it aside from the rest of the pack. It’s available in four sizes (teens, adults, one size, and oversized) and six popular dark and light-toned color choices. It’s equipped with a 220-GSM polyester surface and 200-GSM interior, which is lined with Sherpa material. You can also adjust the hoodie to your ideal level of warmth thanks to its side split and waist belt designs.

Cons: This option is slightly more expensive than some other models. This is hooded blanket is also crafted from a blend of polyester and Sherpa, both of which have notable downsides that you may not think will hold up after a few years.

Bottom Line: Far more versatile than initially meets the eye, this Bedsure Blanket Hoodie is fitted in four different styles with unique features in each, so you can get the most out of your chill days.


Best with a Zipper

Catalonia Hoodie Blanket with Zipper

This hooded blanket features a zip-up design running along its heat-saving frame.

Pros: Favoring a zip-up approach over the pull-over style that so many other options on the market employ, this hooded blanket offers the greatest hits of what you’re looking for in your portable blanket. Its zippered style allows users to jump in and out of their coat with ease, locking in the heat and the hold without the fear of it slipping off your shoulders. Its oversized construction is a fits-all kind of style, so almost anyone can find comfort in its fluff.

Cons: Some users may have their hesitations with a zippered hoodie because of how often the design can snag, break, or get in the way when you want to relax. This option also features the least amount of color choices among the listed models here.

Bottom Line: Spacious, stylish, and packing more than enough heat-forward properties, this Catalonia Hoodie Blanket with Zipper features massive pockets to match its tremendous size. 

Final Thoughts

The hooded blanket has maintained its success because of these simple factors: warmth, comfort, and convenience. When you drape one over your shoulders, you’re buying into an unparalleled kind of lounging experience, so check out these options.

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