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Choosing the Best Back Scratcher

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Dry skin, scratchy fabrics, or medical conditions can make the dreaded back itch unavoidable. When looking for a way to reach what your hands can’t, finding the nearest wall or kitchen utensil isn’t always the best method for relief. A back scratcher is a perfect tool for reaching those difficult spots while providing relief that can’t be achieved with household items. Here are some fantastic back scratchers we recommend.

What to Look for in a Back Scratcher

The shape and texture of the back scratcher head are vital to relieving itches. The back scratcher should have stiff edges, spikes, or bristles that aren’t too flexible nor too tough. Also, consider if the material of the back scratcher has been smoothed to avoid skin irritation. Extendable back scratchers are convenient for storage and travel but may be less durable over time. Foldable handles or solid back scratchers are bulkier but makes it easier for users to apply pressure.

Best Overall: Cactus Back Scratcher

While this back scratcher may look a little scary, it is actually specially designed to relieve your worst itches. The Cactus Back Scratcher has two sides with different spike lengths for a scratch experience customized to the itch intensity and skin sensitivity. It can also extend up to 26 inches to get those hard-to-reach spots or contract into the 8.5-inch handle for easy storage. This back scratcher will last through your worst itches with its durable extension rod and ABS plastic head.

Best Value: Telescoping Bear Claw Back Scratcher

These paw-shaped back scratchers mimic nature’s best back scratcher with the convenience of stainless steel and rubber construction. The metal claw has rounded edges to comfortably relieve itches without skin irritation. This back scratcher is ideal for the home, office, and travel as the 22.8-inch back scratcher can collapse to 8.4 inches with ease. Coming in four different colors, this four-pack will allow everyone to enjoy itch relief wherever they go.

Best Value

Best Premium: Bearback Back Scratcher

While this back scratcher has a bigger price tag, it also provides bigger itch relief. It is designed with a wide head that contains dozens of flexible bristles and a textured, non-slip grip for a sturdy hold. The handle is curved for easy handling and extends to 17 inches. But don’t worry about the bulk, because it folds down to 9.5 inches and features a small hanging hole at the end of the handle. The Bearback Back Scratcher design also includes bear knuckles at the tip of the handle for pressure point relief.

Best Bamboo: TungSam Therapeutic Back Scratcher

The bamboo back scratcher is a classic, and the TungSam back scratcher provides that original itch relief. Made of natural bamboo and hand-polished, each back scratcher features smoothed edges that won’t irritate the skin. The 17-inch long tool can reach the middle and lower back with ease. The TungSam scratcher also features a hanging hole at the base of the handle for easy storage. This simple tool is also great for animals that need a little extra help reaching that spot.

Best Bamboo

TungSam Self-Therapeutic Bamboo Back Scratcher (17 inches)

The bamboo back scratcher is a household staple and gentle enough for every age.

Also Great: Boluotou Extendable Back Scratcher

At a budget-friendly price, this pack of back scratchers can handle your worst itches. Made from stainless steel, this back scratcher won’t bend or break after frequent use. The non-slip rubber handle provides a suitable grip for the user from the 8.07-inch length to the 26.96-inch length. The scratcher has rounded edges to ensure a gentle but effective experience.

Also Great
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