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Choosing the Best Barbell for Your Home Gym

Barbells can be a lifter’s best friend. They are pillars behind some of the most important lifts at the gym. Squats, deadlifts, bench presses, military presses, and so many others that are the basis behind getting big can be done with a simple barbell. Whether it is time to upgrade your home gym or you are looking for something for your commercial gym, our picks are sure to get you the gains you are after.

What to Look for in a Barbell

Here are some things to consider:

  • Weight Capacity: If you are looking for mass amounts of weight to be added to your bars, remember to check and see if the bar can handle it! The last thing any lifter wants is the bar to bend from the pressure.
  • Knurling: Knurling is the process that creates a textured surface on the bar. Some people need knurling on the whole bar, while others prefer no center knurling.
  • Designated Uses: Specific bars are designed for specific purposes. Typically, a trap (hex) bar would not be used for a bench press. Keep your needs and preferred exercises in mind when choosing a bar.
  • Plate Size: Check to make sure that the plates you own will fit on the sleeve. Some bars have a smaller diameter and won’t be able to fit standard Olympic plates.

Best Olympic Bar: CAP 7-Foot Olympic Bar

If you need a standard Olympic bar that will be good for most of your lifting needs, check out the CAP 7-Foot Olympic Bar. This bar is made of solid Japanese cold-rolled steel and has a 15-inch loadable sleeve length for plenty of 2-inch Olympic plates to be added. The grip has a medium-depth diamond style knurling for added security and grip control and no center knurl for comfort on squats.

This bar has a few variations to match what you might be looking for. THE BEAST is black and chrome in color with no center knurl, THE BOSS is available in a sleek black look or silver zinc with no center knurl, and THE WARRIOR is chrome with a center knurl. The total weight is 44 pounds. This bar will rock any of your Olympic lifts!

Best Olympic Bar

Best Powerlifting Bar: Synergee Rhino Power Bar

This bar is built differently. The Synergee Rhino Power Bar is made for serious powerlifters, with amazing features that will help you get the job done. The Rhino is stiffer and made without bearings to accommodate up to a staggering 1,500 pounds of weight. The aggressive volcano knurling ensures that your hand isn’t going anywhere once you grip it. This bar weighs 45 pounds and has 16.4 inches of loadable space for plates on the sleeve.

The Rhino features a Cerakote-coated shaft and black phosphate sleeves giving it a tougher than tough look. This beast of a bar is tensile strength rated at 190,000 psi so that you can lift heavy, drop hard, and get the gains you need.

Best Deadlifting Bar: CAP Olympic Trap Bar

Deadlifting with a standard bar can be tough. Scraped and bruised shins, rolling for momentum, and other issues can dissuade lifters from coming back to deadlifting. The CAP Olympic Trap Bar is the solution. Being able to stand in the middle of its hexagonal frame and lift from a more natural position is a big bonus. This bar can withstand 750 pounds of additional weight, so it is perfect for a home or commercial gym.

This bar is constructed with solid steel with a black powder-coated finish for a clean look. It has 9 inches of loadable sleeve length that are suitable for Olympic weight plates. The spacious frame also allows for a raised and flush neutral grip. Get back to safe and energetic deadlifting with this bar.

Best Deadlifting Bar

CAP Barbell Olympic Hex Bar, Trap Bar, Shrug Bar, Deadlift Bar with Combo Grips, Black

Bring deadlifts back into your routine with this awesome trap bar.

Best Budget Bar: CAP Standard Solid Threaded Bar

This pick is perfect for anyone starting out in lifting or building a home gym that wants to eventually scale up their training. The CAP Standard Solid Threaded Bar is a great offer and is a great space saver as well. Coming in at 5 feet long, this solid steel barbell weighs a total of 12.3 pounds and is available in black and chrome. It has a medium-depth diamond knurling and is extremely versatile as it can hold up to 250 pounds. The lightweight and smaller size make it perfect for smaller lifts such as lunges and curls, and the weight capacity is great for bigger lifts such as bench press and squats. To keep you safe, it even has a spin-lock collar with rubber rings to keep 1-inch plates in place while lifting.

Best Budget Barbell

CAP Barbell 60” Standard Solid Threaded Bar, 1-Inch, Multiple Colors, Black

Get your workout done without working out your wallet!

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