Choosing the Best Bed Canopy

A white canopy draped over a bed with brown and white bedding.

If your bedroom is lacking a certain element of elegance, a flowing bed canopy might be the answer to your decoration problems. As they were once only used by royalty, these canopy beds are now associated with luxury and beauty. Create your own castle by adding colorful netting that not only looks elegant but serves a functional purpose by keeping out small bugs that could disturb your sleep. No matter what bed size or frame you have, there is a canopy that can elevate your room decor. Here are some beautiful bed canopies that we recommend.

Purchasing a Bed Canopy

Keep these things in mind when selecting the ideal bed canopy for your room:

  • Size: Most bed canopy products come with a recommended size guide, but if your bed comes up between sizes, opt for the larger size to ensure that your entire bed is covered. However, loose netting on the floor can be a hazard for young children, so keep that in mind if the canopy is meant for a child’s room. Ring canopy designs are more flexible when it comes to sizing because they don’t have to fit a frame. So, if you already have a square bed frame, make sure to measure the length, width, and height to get the perfect fit.
  • Installation: If you already have a four-post bed, most square canopies will easily fit onto your frame. For those that don’t have a frame, look for canopies that come with wall hooks that can attach to the ceiling over your bed. A square canopy will require more hooks but has ample space for people sharing a bed. A ring canopy requires only a single wall hook, but the slant of the fabric caused by the center ring can reduce the amount of open space beneath the net.
  • Features: While bed canopies are great decor, they also help keep bugs away while you are sleeping. If mosquitoes are a problem for you, look for canopies with a high hole-per-square-inch count as the smaller holes won’t allow bugs to fly through the net. If you are more decor-minded, canopies that come with fairy lights, ribbon, and colorful fabric are great for adding extra emphasis to this dramatic look.

Top Choice: Joyreap 4 Corners Posty Canopy Bed Curtain

A white canopy draped over a square canopy bed frame with some sections tied with ribbon.

The classic look of billowy, ribbon-tied curtains of a canopy creates a regal aesthetic that will have anyone feeling special. This canopy from Joyreap can fulfill that fantasy with its sweeping fabric that comes in four different sizes. The polyester fabric is chemical-free and keeps out pesky bugs at night to give you a restful night’s sleep. On a classic four-post be bed frame, this canopy is a breeze to install with the help of ties on the inner side of the fabric to secure the curtain. If you don’t have a tall bed frame but still want an elegant look, this canopy also comes with plastic wall anchors and screw hooks that can be attached to your ceiling.

Best with Lights: Comtelek Mosquito Net for Bed

A white canopy with LED globe lights hanging open over a bed.

Create an ethereal mood every night with the help of this glowing bed canopy. Completely cover your canopy in the 43.6 feet of globe lights that feature eight light settings. The lights are safe to use on indoor or outdoor canopies as they operate at a low voltage and are waterproof. The 24-inch ring diameter and 98.5-inch length of this net allow it to fit almost every bed size from a baby’s crib to a king-sized mattress. The fabric has 256 holes per square inch which keeps out even the smallest bugs without restricting airflow.

Best with Lights

Best Budget: Twinkle Star Bed Canopy for Single to King Size Beds

A white canopy with a round base hanging over a white bed.

You don’t need the king’s gold to feel like royalty, and this inexpensive bed canopy is here to help you to create that expensive look. The single loop attachment, wall plug, and screw hook make this canopy easy to install on any ceiling. The 100% polyester fabric comes in a bright white or blue to fit your bedroom’s style. The 7.6-foot length of the canopy allows you to fit the flowing fabric over most bed sizes to create beautiful bedroom decor. This bed canopy also protects sleepers from bugs as small as mosquitoes and no-see-ums by utilizing a fabric with 256 holes per square inch.

Best Budget

Twinkle Star Bed Canopy for Single to King Size Beds (White)

This ring-style canopy bed creates a picture-perfect bedroom without breaking the bank.

Perfect for Princesses: VARWANEO Princess Bed Canopy

A large white and blue canopy hanging over a white bed.

With this canopy’s double-layered design, you are sure to be living a life of luxury. The extra-large 47-inch diameter ring supports the two layers of colorful mesh that create a dreamy look as they flow down your bed. The design also features a lace edge and a short curtain layer at the ring’s base to add texture and make the canopy look elegant. VARWANEO provides a hanging kit that allows you to install this canopy in seconds, so you can feel like a princess almost immediately. And with five colors to choose from, you or your child will feel like they’re living in their own castle.

Perfect for Princess
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