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Choosing the Best Bird Nest

A green and yellow parrot perches on a wire cage and looks over at a white bird nest.

During the spring, birds are rushing to get their nests ready in time for their chicks’ arrival. Not all bird species have it easy in urban cities, unfortunately. Indoor pets can also lack the proper resources and latitude to make their own nests. With a little bit of help, birds of all kinds can thrive. Putting a nest out in your garden can be a productive way to support your local bird population and bring the beauty of nature to your backyard. Here are some fantastic bird nests that we recommend.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Bird Nest

When looking for the ideal home for your avian friends, keep these factors in mind:

  • Goal: Do you want to bolster healthy bird populations by putting out a protective bird nest? Look for products made of wood or natural fibers. Avoid plastics or materials that may cause harm to the environment. An indoor bird might not desire an enclosed nest, so a bowl-shaped nest is a great option. Bird owners can also provide nesting materials for their birds to allow them to build their own.
  • Size: It’s always a good idea to consider size when buying just about anything, but birds come in all different sizes and have nest size preferences. The overall size should allow the bird to stand comfortably inside. If you own a bird, research the species’ preferences to find the ideal home for their lifestyle.
  • Design: Consider the bird species for which you hope to provide comfort. Many nests are made of all-natural materials and are hand-crafted, making them more environmentally friendly and attractive to wild birds. Additionally, there are nests designed for decorative effect rather than practicality.

Best Hummingbird Nest: winemana Hand-Woven Hummingbird House

A hummingbird hovers around the opening of a nest.

The winemana hummingbird house is tightly hand-woven from hibiscus grass and is intended for outdoor use. The teardrop-shaped house withstands harsh weather, rain, and high temperatures. Its shape creates an environment with a low center of gravity that hummingbirds prefer. Using the hemp rope that comes with the bird nest, you can hang the hummingbird house safely from a tree branch or other structure in or near your garden.

Best Hummingbird Nest

winemana Hand Woven Hummingbird House, Set of 3 Bird Hut 9" x 4", Outside Grass Hanging Bird Hut, Natural Hummingbird Nest for Outdoor.

This teardrop-shaped nest made of natural grasses is ideal to hang outside for tiny hummingbirds.

Best Parrot Nest: Orgrimmar Handmade Cotton Rope Bird Nest

Blue parrot perched on cotton rope nest.

This cute handmade cotton rope bird nest provides comfort for your small birds. The material is ideal for nesting because it is both breathable and strong. The nest, when secured to the inside or outside of the cage, creates a feeling of safety in any environment. Warmth and safety are key elements to encourage the natural instincts of courtship, nesting, and breeding of your birds.

Best Parrot Nest

Orgrimmar Handmade Cotton Rope Bird Nest Breeding Nest Hatch House Cage for Budgie Parakeet Cockatiel Parakeet Conure Canary Finch Lovebird Small Parrot (1 PC)

Handmade cotton rope nest is particularly preferred by parrots because of the material's warmth and durability.

Best Outdoor: Hamiledyi Birdcage Straw Simulation Birdhouse

A parakeet perched on ledge of handing bird nest structure with colorful paper stuffing shown on the right.

The Hamiledyi hand-woven straw birdcage serves as an ideal nest for wild birds looking for a protective home. Wild birds may use it as a kind of sanctuary from cold temperatures and other harsh elements, as well as from predators like raccoons. The natural grass fibers of this nest are environmentally friendly and durable, allowing birds to nest inside safely. The product works best for smaller bird species with dimensions of 7.9 by 8.8 by 9 inches, but variations occur as they are hand-woven.

Best Nesting Box: EMUST Bird Nest Breeding Box

A bird box made of light-colored wood is pictured with the products accessories.

So this is not a bird’s traditional home, but a nest encourager! The EMUST nesting box is constructed of 100% paulownia wood. The hole through which birds come and go is framed with an iron ring to prevent bird injury while also providing protection from predators. There’s a side-opening door for easy cleaning and a perch for birds to relax. Perhaps the most ingenious aspect of the design is a built-in baffle to prevent bird eggs from unwanted movement.

Best Nesting Box

EMUST Parakeet Nesting Box, Bird Nest Breeding Box Wood Bird Cage Accessories for Finch Lovebirds Cockatiel Budgie Conure Parrot, S

This is a high-quality bird nesting box that encourages nesting and breeding through its protective and balanced design.

Best Nesting Material: Prevue Pet Products Natural Coconut Fiber for Bird Nests

Bundle of coconut fiber bird nesting material.

This lump of coconut fiber might be rather unappealing to the human eye, but indoor birds love it! Put some of this fiber outside and watch as the birds slowly retrieve the dust-free, absorbent fiber for their nests. You can also place this fiber inside of an indoor bird cage to allow your pets to follow their natural nesting instincts.

Best Nesting Material

Prevue Pet Products BPV105 Sterilized Natural Coconut Fiber for Bird Nest (60000105)

Lose natural coconut fiber that promotes bird nest building.

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