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Choosing the Best CR123A Batteries

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CR123A batteries are prevalent in modern digital cameras, security systems, and even high-output flashlights. Although there are many different options for CR123A batteries on the market, quality and battery life are by no means standard when it comes to CR123A batteries. We made this guide to showcase the best CR123A batteries available on Amazon to help you with your search.

Shopping for CR123A Batteries

When looking for CR123A batteries, battery life and shelf life are both critical, as they will determine how long your batteries will last while being used in electronic devices or sitting in storage. Compatibility is another important factor since not all rechargeable CR123A batteries will work in devices that take standard CR123As. It is best to check the owner’s manual for your device before purchasing to ensure a rechargeable option will work for your device. Finally, consider the power usage of your electronic device. If it uses a lot of power, consider using high-quality batteries with longer battery life or a rechargeable option to save money over time.

Best Overall: Energizer 123 Lithium Batteries

a 10-pack of Energizer CR123A batteries

For those seeking high-quality, long-lasting CR123A batteries with an impressive shelf life, the Energizer 123 Lithium Batteries are an excellent choice. These batteries really shine when used in high-tech digital cameras and home surveillance devices, as they provide exceptional battery life and dependability. They also last up to 10 years in storage and bear a reliable brand name.

Best Overall

Energizer 123 Lithium Photo Battery, 12 Batteries, 1-Pack

These lithium batteries serve as a direct replacement for DL123A, CR17345, CR123A, and K123LA batteries and feature a very long battery life and shelf life.

Best Value: Amazon Basics Lithium CR123A 3 Volt Batteries

a group of Amazon Basics CR123A batteries

The Amazon Basics Lithium CR123A 3-Volt Batteries feature an impressive 10-year leak-free shelf life and have great battery life for a budget price. These batteries are ideal for wireless security systems due to their steady, dependable voltage output, and they also work great in modern digital cameras.

Best Value

Amazon Basics CR123A 3 Volt Lithium Batteries, 1550 mAh, 10-Year Shelf Life, Value Pack, 12 Pack

These CR123A batteries feature a great battery life for a budget battery option and a 10-year leak-free shelf life, making them a good option to store for later.

Best Rechargeable: QUICKHELP CR123A Battery and Charger

four red CR123A batteries standing and four more resting in a charger

Rechargeable batteries of any kind are a great option. Not only do they save you money since you don’t have to purchase new batteries every other month, but since they’re reusable, fewer batteries end up getting thrown out. This makes them better for the environment than regular batteries. These CR123A batteries can be charged up to 650 times, so you know you’ll more than gets your money’s worth and day’s work out of them. Unlike other kinds of batteries, they function well in super cold conditions, a perfect choice for products like outdoor security cameras. While their battery life is not as long as most single-use CR123A batteries, they last longer than most rechargeable options. And best of all, they come with their own compatible charger, so you don’t have to purchase one separately.

Best Rechargeable

Also Great: Streamlight CR123A Lithium Batteries

a clear package of CR123A batteries

If you are looking for a great price on a 12-pack of CR123A batteries, these Streamlight CR123A Lithium Batteries are an excellent choice. These batteries feature an impressive 10-year shelf life and a great battery life compared to other budget CR123A battery options. They shine especially bright when used in high-output flashlights and provide a steady, reliable voltage output.

Also Great

Streamlight 85177 CR123A Lithium Batteries, 12-Pack

These batteries feature an impressive 10-year shelf life and are very long-lasting compared to similar budget-friendly options.

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