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The Best Cribbage Boards for Your Next Game Night

three people playing cribble on a dining room table

Cribbage is one of the oldest strategy-based card games out there, dating since the 17th century. While cribbage is praised for its usage of tactics and social elements of play, it’s a card game with great flexibility with board design.

Here are some of our favorite cribbage board picks.

What to Look for in a Cribbage Board

Here are some things to consider before buying:

  • Number of Players: Some boards are designed to better accommodate additional players. Typically, cribbage is played with a maximum of four people.
  • Size: Especially if you’re looking to take this board with you during travels, a smaller board may be of convenience to you.
  • Design: Cribbage boards can come in various designs that you may like.

The Classic: Bicycle 3-Track Color Coded Wooden Cribbage Game

pale wood cribble board with red and white and blue accents and matching playing cards and markers

This modern cribbage board is one of the more common ones you see when playing this game. This board from Bicycle has three tracks that come with red, blue, and white pegs. The board is about 15 inches long and 4 inches wide. Additionally, it comes with a rule book that’s great for teaching new players or those who need to refresh their memories.

The Classic

Bicycle 3-Track Color Coded Wooden Cribbage Board Games

This is a standard three-track cribbage board with color-coded pegs and a rule book.

For the Most Players: WE Games Classic Wooden Cribbage Board

pale wood cribble board with black accents

Usually, cribbage games will be played amongst two or three people, but this four-track board from WE Games allows you to comfortably fit a fourth player. It is 16.5 inches long and 7.25 inches wide and comes with 28 color-coded pegs (with their own storage compartment under the board) and instructions with a history of the game.

For the Most Players

WE Games Classic Wooden Cribbage Board Game with 4 Lanes / Four Track and Plastic Pegs - 16.5 x 8 in.

This is a four-lane cribbage board that has a hidden compartment for peg storage.

Unique Design: Mainstreet Classics “29” Cribbage Board Game Set

29-shaped pale wood cribble board with red and blue and red markers

This cribbage board is an alternate design to the common three-lane one. It’s in the shape of a “29” in reference to the highest points in a hand possible. On top of this, it cleverly displays an “S” when an opponent is skunked. You’ll get 9 total pegs—3 red, 3 blue, 3 green—and a slot compartment for storage.

Unique Design

Mainstreet Classics Wooden "29" Cribbage Board Game Set

This board is designed in the shape of a 29 and allows for three players.

Also Great: Brybelly Cribbage Classic 3-Track Layout

pale wood cribble board with red and green and blue accents and matching markers

This cribbage board is a three-track one that includes red, blue, and green pegs. The board has a convenient storage compartment for the pegs as well. It is 7.25 inches long and 3.5 inches wide, which is a decent size if portability is something that you’re considering. To top it off, it includes a deck of playing cards and instructions.

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