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The Best Ferrule Kit for Electrical Work

Using a stripped wire isn’t the best idea. Although it can sometimes work, its live strands can cause dangerous hazards like electric fires. Instead of directly using a stripped wire end, use a wire ferrule. Wire ferrules are small tubes crimped to the end of your wire that function as inserts to your terminal compartment.

With this in mind, it may be valuable to invest in a ferrule kit. These kits come with assorted ferrules of different sizes, and some with their own crimping tool. With hundreds of wire ferrules in each kit, it’s more wallet-friendly than buying individual pieces. If you’re looking for the best kits, here are four that we recommend for your electrical needs.

What to Look for in a Ferrule Kit

Consider these things when choosing a ferrule kit:

  • Number of ferrules: Most kits come with an ample amount of ferrules to use, all in different sizes. But, a little extra won’t hurt, especially if you’re expecting to use these often.
  • Size Options: These kits have a wide range of sizes for different wires, but you may want to invest in additional ferrules if you don’t have enough. Look for the American wire gauge (AWG) listed to see if the ferrule sizes will work with your wires.

Best Overall: Sopoby 1200pcs Ferrule Crimping Tool Kit

With 1,200 wire ferrules and a crimping tool, this kit from Sopoby is an all-in-one set that’ll get the job done. The kit has an AWG of 28-7—you’ll get eight different-sized bundles of ferrules. On top of that, it includes a crimping tool with self-adjusting capabilities and ample leverage for accurate crimping.

Best Overall

Best Budget: EL-SKY Wire Ferrule Assortment

If you need additional ferrules, here’s an 800-piece low-cost option. You’ll get eight different-sized ferrule bundles ranging from an AWG of 22-10. You’ll get 100 ferrules each, with 800 total ferrules. However, note that this ferrule kit does not come with its own crimping tool. If you have your own crimper, this assortment will most likely suit you best.

Best Budget

Most Wire Ferrules: Sopoby 1800pcs Ferrule Crimping Tool Kit

This kit offers a large quantity of ferrules at a reasonable price point. These ferrules range from an AWG of 22-8, bringing you eight varying bundles for any application. Moreover, its included crimping tool is an AWG 28-7 tool, able to crimp sizes beyond the ferrules in the set. Its handle is made of nylon for a comfortable grip.

Most Wire Ferrules

Also Consider: Preciva Ferrule Crimping Tool Kit

Equally viable as our overall pick, this kit from Preciva comes with 1,200 ferrules as well, along with a crimping tool. It’s an AWG 23-7 set of ferrules, also organized and color-coded. Its crimping tool allows for a firm and comfortable grasp and automatically adjusts to the diameter needed for each wire ferrule.

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