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Choosing the Best Gymnastics Tumbling Mat

A young girl doing a back handspring on a colorful gymnastics wedge.

Whether you are honing your own skills or helping your child flourish in the sport, an at-home gymnastics tumbling mat can help you accomplish new tricks. It takes time and duration to land the perfect gymnastics move, so investing in a comfortable mat that fits your home and lifestyle provides ample opportunities to elevate your skills. A gymnastics mat features a soft core and textured exterior to help you train safely. Here are some fantastic gymnastics tumbling mats we recommend.

Purchasing a Gymnastics Tumbling Mat

When shopping for a mat that fits your lifestyle, keep these factors in mind:

  • Thickness: To safely execute gymnastic moves at home, your hands and feet should have adequate cushioning. For standard floor mats, look for at least 2 inches of thickness in order to protect your body from the hard floor. If the thickness is greater than 2 inches, ensure that the internal material is stiff so that your body doesn’t sink when standing on the mat.
  • Size: Tumbling mats should be as long as you are tall to ensure that there is proper coverage of the floor. If you are doing complex moves or if several people will be using the mat at once, opt for a mat that extends beyond 10 feet in length.
  • Features: Tumbling mats can take up a lot of room when used at home, so look for one that can be folded and stored away. For easy cleaning, a mat made from durable plastic material is optimal, as a quick wipe with a rag will remove most of the dirt and sweat from the surface. Keep in mind that if it is difficult to set up or clean, you won’t be motivated to use it, so a mat designed to be intuitive and space-saving is ideal.

Most Compact: IncStores Home Cheer Carpet Top Practice Pad

A blue gymnastics mat partially rolled up.

If you are in a crowded home or small apartment, this mat’s roll-up design is perfect for your lifestyle. Measuring 3 by 6 feet, the mat gives you plenty of room to stretch, fold, and flip. The carpet top is the same material used in larger training mats to keep you firmly in place while you practice. The bottom is made from cross-link polyethylene foam that features narrow slits, making this mat comfortable and storage-friendly. You can even match it to your home’s decor with the eight different color options.

Most Compact

Best for Large Spaces: Z ATHLETIC Folding Panel Mats

A large black mat shown against a white background.

Do you have a larger space or outdoor area? An extra-large mat can provide you with all the support you need to execute advanced moves. This mat is 12 feet long and 6 feet wide to give you and even some friends plenty of room to practice your gymnastics. It also features 2 inches of high-density cross-linked polyethylene foam for the perfect amount of firmness that will protect you from injuries. The high-quality vinyl exterior holds up against frequent use and is easy to clean due to its non-porous construction. When folded, this mat compresses to just 2 feet wide, so you can store it away in a garage or closet for future use.

Best for Large Spaces

Z ATHLETIC Gymnastics 6ft x 12ft x 2in Folding Mat Martial Arts & Tumbling (Black)

Create more tumbling space with this large mat's hook and loop connections that connect to more mats.

Most Cushioning: FBSPORT Inflatable Air Gymnastics Mat

A light green and grey inflatable gymnastic mat with two handles shown on the side.

The unique design of this mat allows you to explore gymnastics moves at home with added security. In less than one minute, this mat is fully inflated and lasts for days after the initial air is pumped inside. The mat features two layers of tarpaulin-PVC for durability, while the interior base cloth and v-drop stitch technology make up the core. With eleven colors to choose from, you will be safely tumbling in style inside or in your own backyard.

Most Cushioning

FBSPORT 10ft Inflatable Air Gymnastics Mat Training Mats 4 inches Thickness Gymnastics Tracks for Home Use/Training/Cheerleading/Yoga/Water with Pump

Get long-lasting peace of mind with this inflatable mat that protects the tumbler from rough terrain.

Best Wedge: We Sell Mats Gymnastics Incline Mat

A wedge-shaped gymnastics mat that is red, blue, and yellow being partially folded.

Elevate your at-home gymnastics setup with this incline mat from We Sell Mats. This colorful wedge allows you or your child to practice cartwheels and back handsprings safely. The mat is made from crosslink polyethylene foam and features a heavy-duty vinyl covering that protects your body as you move down the incline. When you are ready to put the wedge away, it neatly folds into a cube and features two carrying handles, making it easy to transport and store. The tear-resistant vinyl stays resilient for many practices and can be easily wiped clean with soap and water.

Best Budget: BestMassage Gymnastics Mats

A woman lying on a blue mat with her legs sticking up into the air.

For those taking their first steps into the gymnastics world, this inexpensive mat provides ample comfort without a hefty price tag. The mat is made from a 2-inch thick high-density EPE to create a firm but comfortable surface. The exterior is designed from polyurethane leather, giving you a textured grip while remaining durable against extended use. This gymnastics tumbling mat is easy to transport with its two sewn handles and 4-pound weight.

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