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Choosing The Best Sausage Caulking Tools

two sausage caulking tools on top of each other

The sausage caulking tool is an essential home improvement tool to have. It’s great for sealing up unexpected cracks and fissures. Whether for professional use or for an at-home project, it will, without a doubt, come in handy.

Certain sausage caulking tools have different capabilities than others, so here’s what we recommend for you.

What You Should Look For in a Sausage Caulking Tool

The thrust ratio is important to consider. If you’re looking to dispense thicker material, the tool should have a higher ratio. It should also be able to dispense your caulk precisely, without creating a big mess. Sausage packs can come in varying sizes, so a tool that can handle different sized sausage packs is a versatile one.

Best Overall: Albion Engineering B12S20

light gray sausage caulking tool with black accents

The Albion Engineering B12S20 is the best combination of versatility, efficiency, and durability you can have. It has a 12:1 thrust ratio and a pressure of 120 psi. It can handle 10oz, 13oz, and 20oz sausage packs, and can dispense a variety of typical caulking materials. The caulking tool is designed with a big handle and trigger, long-lasting pistons, and no-slip technology.

Best Overall

Albion Engineering Company B12S20 B-Line Manual Sausage Caulking Gun, 20 oz, 12:1 Drive

This sausage caulking tool is a 12:1 thrust ratio tool, and can adapt to different sized sausage packs.

Best Value: BELAROKO Sausage Caulking Tool 2-Pack

two silver and black sausage caulking tools with four white nozzles and four orange cover cones

This 2-pack sausage caulking tool from BELAROKO has an 18:1 thrust ratio and can handle 10oz, 13oz, and 20 oz sausage packs. It comes with a pressure tab that helps preserve caulk, four cones, and four replacement nozzles.

Best Value

Best Professional Grade: DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Caulking Tool

silver sausage caulking tool with a yellow and black handle

The DEWALT 20V MAX caulking tool transforms the typical manual caulking tool into a motorized one. This caulking tool allows you to increase your dispensing speed and flow. The tool will automatically prevent extra material from dripping out, meaning it makes zero mess.

Best Professional Grade

DEWALT 20V MAX* Cordless Caulking Gun, Sausage Pack, 300-600ml, Tool Only (DCE580B)

This sausage caulking tool makes sealing easier. It has controls for speed and the flow of the material, and prevents dripping for a mess-free job.

Best For Thicker Material: Newborn 820AL Elite Series

dark gray sausage caulking tool with a white handle and light and a lime green crank

Thick material needs a high thrust ratio. The Newborn 820AL Elite Series is a 22:1 thrust ratio tool that can handle a variety of different sized sausage packs. It comes with a comfortable grip and aluminum caps. The pushrod is also easy to hold, making this a comfortable option as well.

Best For Thicker Material

Newborn 820AL Elite Series Sausage - Bulk - Cartridge Caulking Gun, 23oz Bulk; 10 oz. & 20 oz. Sausage; 8-12" & 10" Cartridge, 22:1 Thrust Ratio

This sausage tool comes with a powerful thrust ratio of 22:1, perfect for thick caulking material. The design of the overall tool is ergonomic and comfortable to grip.

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