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Choosing The Best Triangle Screwdrivers For Toys

assorted triangle screwdrivers

Your child’s toy is broken? Often, children’s toys will require a screwdriver with a triangle head to gain access to its internal parts. Instead of buying a brand new one, investing in a set of triangle screwdrivers could be a better solution.

Getting a set of triangle screwdrivers will save you in the long run; instead of a drawn-out tantrum from your kids, you’ll have a quick fix that’ll satisfy everyone.

What You Should Look For in a Triangle Screwdriver

Look for triangle screwdriver sets that have a variety of different sizes. You’ll be adequately prepared if you have the proper screwdriver necessary. Also, it’s important for the screwdrivers to be durable and easy to hold. That way you make sure your screwdrivers last a long time.

Top Choice: E-Durable Triangle Head Screwdriver Set

six triangle screwdrivers with a storage case

The E-Durable Triangle Screwdriver Set will certainly get the job done. It’s a set of six different sized screwdrivers, all with an ergonomic design to make unscrewing easy for children and adults. It’s a narrow screwdriver, so you can reach tough spots with it. Overall, this is the best set of triangle screwdrivers to use for repairing your toys.

Best For Budget: PTC 4-Piece Triangle Mini Screwdrivers Set

four miniature triangle screwdrivers still in their packet

The PTC 4-Piece Triangle Screwdriver Set is a less-expensive option for you. It comes in a pack of four different sizes. It’s a good choice if you’re not going to use triangle screwdrivers often.

Best For Budget

4-piece Triangle Mini Screwdrivers Set 59114

This set of triangles comes in a pack of four.

Best Premium: RilexAwhile Triangle Head Screwdriver Set

five triangle screwdrivers with yellow grips

If you’re looking for long-lasting, high-quality triangle screwdrivers, the set from RilexAwhile will suit your needs perfectly. It’s compact and light and comes with five different sizes. If you plan on using these screwdrivers often, this set is a high-quality option for you.

Best Premium

RilexAwhile Triangle Head Screwdriver Set with 4mm 3.5mm 3mm 2.5mm 2mm (5pcs)

This set of screwdrivers comes in a pack of five different sized screwdrivers. It's incredibly durable and ergonomic to hold.

Also Consider: Fixinus Full Triangle Head Screwdriver Set

six triangle screwdrivers with different colored bases and a storage case

This set from Fixinus is also a solid option for disassembling toys. It comes with six different sized screwdrivers, which are compatible with many triangular screws. It comes with magnetic tips, which can unscrew screws easily, and will last for a long time.

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