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The Best Under-Bed Storage Containers

🕚 Updated April 2023

Extra storage space can be challenging to come by these days, especially in bedrooms. Use that empty space under your bed to store extra linens, clothing, and more with these under-bed storage containers.

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  Top Choice Easy Fit Best for Shoes Best Bin Best with Drawers
Large Capacity Storage Organizer
Foldable Under-Bed Storage Bags
Under-Bed Shoe Storage Organizer
Clear Storage Bin with Wheels
Under-Bed Clothes Organizer
Our SummaryLarge-capacity under-bed storage containers made of durable fabric.Easy-to-use under-bed storage containers for organizing clothes, linens, and blankets.Under-bed storage specifically designed to organize shoes.A plastic bin that protects and stores your items with long-lasting durability.Make organizing easy with these under-bed storage containers made of nonwoven fabric.
Pros✓ Large storage capacity
✓ Multiple color options
✓ Sturdy metal zipper
✓ Transparent top
✓ Innovative design
✓ Durable load-bearing handles
✓ Can store up to 24 pairs of shoes at once
✓ Made of durable nonwoven fabric
✓ Large storage capacity
✓ Transparent siding
✓ Modern design
✓ Made of dense nonwoven fabric
✓ Versatile in terms of storage purposes
Cons✗ Only available in a single size✗ The lid is flimsy✗ Not suitable for people with large shoe sizes✗ Pricey in comparison to other storage containers✗ Only available in one size
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The Best Under-Bed Storage Containers

A storage container underneath a someone's bed

Under-bed storage containers are nifty accessories you can use to organize items like seasonal clothing and decor, less-used electronics, craft supplies, and much more. Instead of cramming more stuff inside your closet, eliminate some clutter and put it in a spot that would otherwise go unused.

Buying Guide for Under-Bed Storage Containers

A storage container used for residential bedrooms

Why buy an under-bed storage container? 

Under-bend storage containers will help you feel less encumbered inside your own home. They’re ideal for storing items that you don’t need to access as often as some of the other personal belongings inside your bedroom. Also, in terms of improving overall organization, these storage containers can prove to be incredibly beneficial.

What should you look for in under-bed storage containers?

  • Material: Fabric containers offer more flexibility and design options, but they can sometimes retain odor and seem flimsy. Plastic containers are durable, solid, and easy to clean. However, the lids can be less forgiving when storing bulky items, while fabric covers can stretch.
  • Lid: Under-bed storage containers without lids or covers make the items they store susceptible to dust, dirt, and bugs. Look for containers that offer a seal to keep your storage items clean and ready to use when you pull them out again.
  • Size: Different bed frames will have different elevations from the floor. Measure that gap and double-check the product listing before buying containers to ensure they’ll fit underneath your bed.
  • Durability: When pulling these containers out from under your bed, you don’t want the handle to snap under the weight of your items. In fabric containers, look for wide handles with special stitching that stretches. It is also helpful if the fabric is supported by a cardboard insert, as this keeps the handle from ripping outside of the stitch.

What types of items should you store in your under-bed storage container?

Under-bed storage is ideal for storing personal belongings that you occasionally use, like off-season clothing or extra sheets, pillows, blankets, and towels. However, these containers are also great for storing craft supplies, gifts, kids’ toys, etc. Furthermore, you can use these storage containers for holiday decor and other seasonal accessories. If you find your bedroom or home feeling cluttered with items you hardly use, stow them away under your bed to free up space for the things you use daily.

Our Picks for the Best Under-Bed Storage Containers

Top Choice

Lifewit Large Capacity Storage Organizer

Large-capacity under-bed storage containers made of durable fabric.

Pros: The double-layered nonwoven PVC fabric of this storage container allows you to easily pull items out of the tight space beneath your bed without adding extra height to the container. The sturdy zippers effectively secure your belongings, and the versatility of these storage containers is ideal for university dormitories, studio apartments, and more.

Cons: Unfortunately, these sunder-bed storage containers are only available in a single size, but you do have multiple color options to choose from.

Bottom Line: Reduce the strain of storage bins with these durable fabric storage bags from Lifewit. By offering incredible versatility and accommodation, these storage bags are a great option for most.


Easy Fit

Onlyeasy Foldable Under-Bed Bags

Easy-to-use under-bed storage containers for organizing clothes, linens, and blankets.

Pros: The lids of these under-bed bags are transparent so that you can find things you need without unzipping and rummaging through each container. The sides are made from eco-friendly, nonwoven fabric that allows air circulation. They’re designed with four handles total, and the two along the long side help you pull them out from under the bed. They’ll easily fit under most beds since they aren’t very tall. When you’re ready to empty the bags, they fold flat.

Cons: The lids are rather flimsy.

Bottom Line: Dorms and apartments are not known for their spacious designs, so these affordable under-bed storage containers might save you from living in a pile of clutter.


Best for Shoes

Onlyeasy Shoe Storage Organizer

Under-bed storage specifically designed to organize shoes.

Pros: Made from durable nonwoven fabric, this storage container is designed to hold 12 pairs of shoes at a time. Plus, you get two in a purchase, so you can store 24 pairs of shoes in these organizers! The metal zipper and clear lid keep your shoes free from dirt and dust, while the strengthened handles make it easy to pull them out from under the bed.

Cons: Unfortunately, if you have a larger shoe size, then this storage container likely won’t be a suitable option.

Bottom Line: If you own a large shoe collection that you want to organize and keep safe, this storage container is made for you!


Best Bin

Sterilite Clear Storage Bins

A plastic bin that protects and stores your items with long-lasting durability.

Pros: This heavy-duty storage bin offers a 56-quart capacity with innovative latches to secure and protect your items. Transparent siding let you see what’s inside, and wheels on the bottom make it easy to maneuver. It’s made from nice hard plastic, so it’ll keep things well-contained and well-protected. Since it’s long and flat in shape, it’s great for storing wrapping paper and off-season clothes and shoes.

Cons: You can expect to spend a lot more money on this particular container.

Bottom Line: If you want a high-quality storage bin that will slide under your bed, look no further. The plastic material is reliable and sturdy, and you should get plenty of use from this container.


Best with Dividers

Lifewit Under-Bed Fabric Organizer

Make organizing easy with these under-bed storage containers made of nonwoven fabric.

Pros: These storage organizers are made of nonwoven fabric, providing you with nice durability. They feature adjustable dividers so that you can customize where you put your belongings. With strong handles and a clear zippered lid, they’re easy to use. Stay even more organized with this option.

Cons: Although this storage container is pretty darn close to perfect, they are only available in one size, which can be limiting in terms of how you plan on organizing your stuff.

Bottom Line: The adjustable dividers make these storage containers one of the more innovative options on the market. You can customize your organization and enjoy their ease of use to store books, clothes, toys, blankets, electronics, and more!

Final Thoughts

If you want to organize your belongings and make better use of the space inside your bedroom, these under-bed storage containers could be the solution you’re looking for!

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