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The Best Bar Stools

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🕚 Updated February 2022

Bar stools aren't just for restaurants, bars, or hotels; they're also great for your dining room, kitchen island, or porch. We've gathered some of the best bar stools that'll make you and your guests want to sit and stay awhile.

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  Best Solid Wood Best Swivel Best Metal Industrial Design Premium Picks
  Amazon Basics
Solid Wood Saddle-Seat Set of 2 Stools
Leopard Outdoor Products
Adjustable Swivel Bar Stools
Metal Bar Set of 4 Stools
Walker Edison
Urban Industrial Armless Bar Chairs
Christopher Knight Home
Ogden Set of 2 Barstools
Our SummaryA set of two stools that give you a comfy place to sit while you chat, dine, or drink.A set of adjustable, supportive, and fun bar stools.A set of four stools with a modern touch that look great in most homes.Two stools with an industrial look and plenty of support.A luxurious set of bar stools that are comfy and built with quality materials.
ProsMade from sturdy wood, classic design, easy to assemble, affordable.Modern look, quality materials, swivel, lots of color options, statement pieces.Comes with four stools, stylish design, scratch-resistant, sturdy.Modern look, sturdy design, made to last, trendy, padded.Comfortable and stylish, quality construction, swivel, lots of padding and upholstery.
ConsDon't work well on carpet, no padding or backrests.Backrests are too far back, difficult to assemble.Can rust if used outside, no padding or backrests.Slightly shorter, sometimes wobbly.Challenging assembly.
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The Best Bar Stools

four metal stools next to an outdoor bar.
Pann Satiranant/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Bar Stools

three wooden bar stools with padded upholstered seats next to a bar.

Why buy bar stools?

If you have a patio with extra-tall tables, an island, a home bar, or a space that needs some more seats, bar stools are a great addition to your living space. They also work great for poolside counters and homes of people who like to entertain. You can find bar stools that give your home a classic dive bar or elegant restaurant vibe; it just comes down to what you’re looking for.

What should you consider when buying bar stools?

  • Design: There are almost innumerable designs of bar stools out there. They can be round or square, with or without backrests, oversized or compact. Some swivel, while others stay firmly in place. They can be thin or thick, hard or padded. Don’t feel limited when looking for the stools you want.
  • Height: As mentioned, most bar stools will have a seat height somewhere between 28 and 32 inches. This makes them suitable to fit under tabletops or bars of 40 to 42 inches tall. There are taller and shorter models if your bar or table is shorter or higher than average; anything higher than 33-inch seats is considered extra-large. If you aren’t sure what height is right for your home bar or it has a really unusual height, you may want to play it safe and look for bar stools with adjustable heights.
  • Quantity: How many bar stools do you want to buy for your home? Most are sold individually or in sets of two or four at a time. When trying to decide the right quantity, consider the length of your bar or counter and how many stools will fit along it. Keep in mind that you’ll want to leave at least of few inches of space in between stools so that people can get in and out of their seats comfortably.

What else should you consider when buying bar stools?

Keep in mind that many (but not all) bar stools bought online won’t come pre-assembled. Some are easy and quick to put together, but others could require an extra set of hands or more skilled hands than you have. Pick a set of stools that you’ll be able to assemble without too much difficulty.

Another thing to think about is the material your stools are made from. Most are metal or wooden (or a combination of the two) since those are durable options that also look nice. If you want a modern look, metal stools are a good choice. If you want traditional stools, wooden ones should serve you well. Don’t be afraid to hold out for a set of bar stools that match your home’s aesthetic and your skill level for assembly.

Our Picks for the Best Bar Stools

Best Solid Wood

Amazon Basics Solid Wood Saddle-Seat Stools

A set of two stools that gives you a comfy place to sit while you chat, dine, or drink.

Pros: The Amazon Basics Solid Wood Saddle-Seat Stools are ideal for sitting at the counter and chatting with your family and friends. This set of two stools is made from sturdy wood that should last for years. Plus, the contoured seat design distributes the occupant’s weight evenly. These stools feature a classic design that fits great with both traditional and contemporary decor. Plus, they’re designed to be easy to assemble.

Cons: These stools don’t work very well when they’re used on carpet. There don’t have backrests or padding.

Bottom Line: These are quality stools at a good price. You get two modern seats that work well with bars and other counters. While they don’t have bells and whistles, they get the job done well.


Best Swivel

Leopard Outdoor Products Adjustable Swivel Bar Stools

A set of adjustable, supportive, and fun bar stools.

Pros: Leopard Outdoor Products gives you a pair of comfy, modern-looking bar stools with all the trademarks of classic models. The base and footrest are polished chrome, while the square-shaped seats are made of high-density foam and upholstered with faux leather that is incredibly soft and comfortable to sit on. The high backs also offer extra support. Plus, they swivel!

Cons: The backrest is too far back for many people. The other issue is that the assembly isn’t the easiest.

Bottom Line: Most people love the look of these stylish bar stools that come in many fun colors. They work well for modern and eclectic spaces, and they conveniently swivel.


Best Metal

Furmax Metal Bar Set of 4 Stools

A set of four stools with a modern touch that looks great in most homes.

Pros: These Furmax bar stools are made to be shown off. They’re stylish and made to look like you’re in a bistro, patio, or café. As a plus, they’re scratch- and wear-resistant. Best of all, the stools arrive already assembled, so you don’t have to worry about the stress of putting them together.

Cons: Although they’re meant to be sturdy enough for outside use, they can start to rust pretty quickly. They don’t have backrests or padding.

Bottom Line: These lightweight stools look great and are built to last in the right conditions. As long as you keep them indoors, they should last a long time and make you feel like you’re in a classy café.


Industrial Design

Walker Edison Urban Industrial Armless Bar Chairs

Two stools with an industrial look and plenty of support.

Pros: The Walker Edison Urban Industrial Armless Bar Chairs are comfortable and stylish, giving a super modern look to your home. With sturdy metal and synthetic leather upholstery, these stools are designed to stand the test of time. If you’re looking for a way to quickly and effectively give your home an updated look, these bar stools are sure to get the job done.

Cons: They’re a bit shorter than other models. They can be a bit wobbly.

Bottom Line: These bar stools are modern and comfy. While they may be on the shorter side, they work well for plenty of kitchen islands and add a sophisticated touch to a room.


Premium Pick

Christopher Knight Home Ogden Set of 2 Bar Stools

A luxurious set of bar stools that are comfy and built with quality materials.

Pros: These bar stools are a premium pick for those looking to splurge on comfortable and stylish bar stools that will last for years. You get quality construction that will hold up to lots of use. There’s even a convenient swiveling ability. Plus, with comfy bottom cushions, you’ll be able to sit on these stools for hours.

Cons: Assembling these stools can be challenging since they’re more complicated than other models.

Bottom Line: These elegant chairs are an excellent choice for those with the budget for them. Most love how they look in their home and the comfort they offer.

Final Thoughts

Bar stools look cool and provide a comfy spot to relax. Since there are plenty of options out there, you can find the right fit for your home. Start your search by checking out our suggestions.

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