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Console Carrying Cases for Transporting Gaming Accessories

a playstation with a controller on a table and a carrying case next to it

If you plan to travel and want to bring your gaming console with you, you should consider purchasing a premium carrying case. You may already own a suitcase or travel bag, but a console carrying case makes it much easier to transport your gaming accessories. Playstion and Xbox consoles are expensive items requiring a lot of care and protection when handling them. However, a console carrying case allows you to take the bus or catch a flight without running the risk of damaging your gaming hardware.

What to Look for in a Console Carrying Case

You should look into these key features:

  • Organization: You want to find something that offers individual compartments that allow you to separate and organize your accessories. This way, none of the items will rub against each other and provide you with optimal accessibility.
  • Ease of Use: Many carrying consoles come with an adjustable shoulder strap, which allows you to transport your gaming accessories comfortably and with ease.

Best for Nintendo Switch: AIOMEST ANNMETER Protective Travel Case

A Nintendo carrying case with plenty of interior space

This carrying case is the best available option for transporting your Nintendo gaming accessories. It has an intuitive design for simple and reliable storage of various items, including smaller accessories like extra Joy-Cons and HDMI Cables. It also offers better protection with a hard and sturdy case with grooved interior compartments that separate your accessories and prevent them from scratching or rubbing against each other. This carrying case also comes with a comfortable and adjustable strap for ease of transportation.

Best for Nintendo Switch

Best for PlayStations: USA GEAR PlayStation Carrying Case

A PlayStation console carrying case with a padded strap

This is a compatible carrying case for most PlayStation consoles and gaming accessories. It has a durable design that features a scratch-resistant interior that provides adequate protection. The case is also incredibly spacious, and it provides enough room to store multiple controllers, cables, and headphones. It also has a handle and padded strap that make it much easier and more convenient to transport your gaming items.

Best for Xbox Consoles: USA Gear Xbox Travel Bag

An Xbox travel bag with a scratch-resistant interior

This particular carrying case is compatible with all Xbox consoles, and it has a durable exterior with padded interior compartments. It includes a padded shoulder strap and zippered pockets that allow you to transport many different accessories. This includes smaller items like HDMI and various power cables. The interior compartments are also customizable so that you can optimize the space in which you store various items, such as controllers, cables, and headphones.

Best for Xbox Consoles

Best Value: Lyyes PS4 Case Carrying Case

A premium carrying case for gaming consoles and accessories

This is a reliable carrying case that is not only affordable but also has a large interior capacity. It includes multiple compartments for storing various accessories. It is also easy to carry with an adjustable leather strap for greater convenience and comfort. It allows you to organize your gaming items more effectively, and it’s compatible with most PlayStation products. The case is also made of a wear-resistant and durable oxford fabric.

Best Value

Lyyes PS4 Case Carrying Case Protective Shoulder Bag for PS4 PS4 Pro PS4 Slim

A compatible carrying case that is affordable and offers plenty of interior storage.

Best Protection: Case Club Compatible Carry Case

A sturdy and protective carrying case for gaming consoles

There is not a sturdier and more durable carrying case for your gaming console and accessories. It can fit an Xbox One along with a controller, two games, a power cord, HDMI cable, and micro USB. The fitted foam material allows your Xbox console and accessories to fit snugly inside the case. This will greatly minimize the risk of damage from shock and other harsh conditions. The case also comes with padlock holes for extra security.

Best Protection

Case Club Compatible with Xbox One Carry Case. Fits X or S models in PRE-CUT Foam!

This console carrying case offers extra protection and securely shields your gaming accesories.

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