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Drill Bit Cases To Help Organize Your Workspace

two different drill bit cases side by side

Drill bits are an essential part of any tool collection. Using an organizer for your drill bits can save you valuable time on your projects and make your life easier. Here are some of the best drill bit organizer cases to help eliminate clutter in your workspace.

Best Overall: Huot 11700 Combination Jobber Length Drill Bit Index

rectangular gray drill bit case with pullout metal shelving

This drill bit case is sure to help you stay organized thanks to its index-like design and folding compartments. The case can hold 115 drill bits, so limited storage space is an issue of the past. It is manufactured with premium steel and has an epoxy finish for added durability. The case uses a snap-lock feature to ensure your tools stay in place. Each hole within the case is conveniently labeled for identification purposes, so staying organized in your workspace has never been made easier.

Best Overall

Huot 11700 Combination Jobber Length Drill Bit Index for Sizes 1/16" to 1/2" in 1/64" Increments, A to Z, and #1 to #60

This drill bit case can hold 115 drill bits and has an index-like design to help you stay organized.

Best for Budget: Huot 10550 Drill Bit Index

upright gray drill bit case with foldout metal shelves

This product is a modest option for smaller drill bit collections. The case’s unique shape makes it easy to store, as its compact design and slanted top will allow it to squeeze into tight spaces. It is capable of holding 29 drill bits, and the storage holes are labeled according to each drill bit’s size. The case is crafted out of steel with an epoxy coating, so you can ensure you’re getting a product made with high-quality materials. The contents inside will stay safe due to the case’s snap-lock door, allowing you to store your tools with a sense of security.

Best for Budget

Huot 10550 Drill Bit Index for Jobber Length Sizes 1/16" to 1/2" in 1/64" Increments

This drill bit organizer case has a unique, compact design that is convenient for storage, and it is made out of durable materials to keep your tools safe and secure.

Best Premium: Huot 13000 Three-Drawer Drill Bit Dispenser

rectangular gray drill bit case with two drawers

For a vast tool collection, there’s a need for a large organizer case. This product can do just that, as it is specifically designed to hold one full package of drill bits in 1/16″, 1/2″, and 1/64″ increments. The case is made out of the standard high-quality steel and epoxy materials that make it durable enough to withstand daily use and protect your tools, and each compartment is clearly labeled according to bit size for easy organization.

Best Premium

Huot 13000 Three-Drawer Drill Bit Dispenser Cabinet for Jobber Length Fractional Sizes 1/16" to 1/2" in 1/64" Increments

This drill bit organizer case has enough storage capacity to hold a full package of each bit size.

Also Consider: Huot 13550 Five-Drawer Drill Bit Dispenser

rectangular light gray drill bit case with five drawers

If you’re looking for a drill bit organizer case with the most storage options, this product is a perfect choice. The case has five drawers for all your organization needs, and it has enough compartments to hold one full package of each bit size ranging from #1 to #60. The compartments are specifically labeled to help you keep track of the varying bit sizes, and the case itself can be stacked with other cases of its kind to create even more room for drill bit storage. An ideal product for an extensive drill bit collection, this case will help you keep everything in order so you can focus your energy on the project at hand.

Also Consider

Huot 13550 Five-Drawer Tap Dispenser Cabinet for Machine Screw Sizes #2-56 to #12-28

This drill bit organizer kit is specifically designed for extensive drill bit collections, and it has five drawers with multiple compartments for keeping the various bits in order.

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