Easily Check on Your Baby with These Baby Car Mirrors


three different baby mirrors positioned on car seat head rests
Taf Toys/BENBAT/Shynerk

Checking on your rear-facing baby while driving can be stressful and downright dangerous. The twists and turns in the seat, the attempts to get them to make a sound behind you to let you know they’re alright, the worrying…stop stressing about your kiddo in the backseat. Instead, gear up with a baby car mirror that allows you to safely and effortlessly check on your little one from the driver’s seat. Here are our favorites!

Purchasing a Baby Car Mirror

When it comes to making a good car mirror purchase, there a few key things to keep in mind:

  • Size: The mirror should be large enough that you can clearly see your entire little one and even the surrounding area. A larger size also makes it easy to spot in your rearview mirror.
  • Straps: The mirror should easily and securely fit on the seat, typically with straps that keep it in place during the ride.
  • Views: Some mirrors will offer both day and night views, usually with lights that allow for easy observation at whatever time you’re out driving.
  • Toys: If your little one gets a bit fussy in the car, sometimes adding some toys or things to look at can help, and some mirrors come equipped with just that!

Best Overall: Shynerk Baby Car Mirror

a baby car seat mirror with a black rim

Designed to give you a wide and clear view, this mirror allows you to fully watch your baby. Made of premium shatterproof acrylic, the mirror is pivot mounted to easily adjust to any angle you need. It quickly fits onto all truck and car headrests, both adjustable and fixed. The dual strap system is designed for both safety and stability and keeps you connected to your little one throughout the drive.

Best Overall

Shynerk Baby Car Mirror, Safety Car Seat Mirror for Rear Facing Infant with Wide Crystal Clear View, Shatterproof, Fully Assembled, Crash Tested and Certified

A large, clear, and adjustable view from a shatterproof acrylic mirror with straps designed to fit any truck or car headrest.

Best with Camera: Shynerk Baby Car Mirror Night Vision Function

dashboard baby car seat mirror with camera viewing smiling baby

Never worry about your baby in the backseat at night again, thanks to this handy car mirror. The camera angle is completely adjustable to make sure you always have the best viewing angle. It offers a crystal-clear view, even at night, thanks to the night vision function. There is also no worry of shaking with this camera system; instead of wobbling on the back seat, the mirror is situated right on the dash, providing even easier safety checks.

Best with Soothing Light: BENBAT Baby Car Mirror

baby mirror with sun, rainbow, clouds, unicorn printed on the rim

Designed with little ones and parents in mind, this mirror can help you easily check on your little one while keeping them amused with pretty colors, attractive lights, sounds, and songs that will turn off automatically after 15 minutes; just press the remote button to start them up again. Equipped with both day and night modes for driving at any time, this adjustable mirror is shatterproof and made with nontoxic materials.

Best Budget Option: Jolly Jumper Driver’s Baby Mirror

baby car seat mirror viewing child in car seat
Jolly Jumper

This large convex mirror has wide angles to give you a great view of your rear-facing little one. The adjustable strap securely fits most headrests, and the surface is shatter-resistant for additional peace of mind.

Best Budget Option

Jolly Jumper Driver's Baby Mirror

Securely fitting most headrests, this mirror has a wide-angle view and a shatter-resistant surface.

Best with Toys: Taf Toys Koala In-Care Play Center

baby car seat mirror with fun toys attached
Taf Toys

Designed for rear-facing babies, this mirror and colorful toy set is for both parents and babies! The high-quality car mirror is curved for an easy and convenient view of your little one and is easy to attach to almost any seat. The toys are specially designed to encourage your baby’s development of senses, fine and gross motor skills, and hand-eye coordination—all while keeping them busy in the car and giving you time to focus on driving. There is a crinkle rainbow, a rattling Kimmy the Koala, a chime bell, and a Scotty the snail with a baby teether.

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