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Envy-Worthy Throne Chairs to Make You Feel Like Royalty

While the very first throne chair is believed to have been stolen as a war trophy, we doubt anyone will feel envious enough about your throne chair to duel you over it nowadays. Although you never know, they are pretty cool! In living rooms, studies, and dens, these chairs prove a focal point that almost demands respect from guests. Sitting in a throne chair is sure to make you feel powerful, important, and even royal. Here are some great ones we recommend.

Purchasing a Throne Chair

What makes a throne chair so special, and how can you find one that’s right for you? Consider these points first:

  • Style: Perhaps the most important aspect of the throne chair is the overall style you want to achieve: a party prop probably doesn’t need all the fancy bells and whistles, but if the chair is becoming an accent piece of furniture, you’ll want a little more flair.
  • Size: Throne chairs range in size from smaller to “just right” to “how in the world did you get that in here?” Carefully choose the size that best fits your needs or your space.
  • Comfort Level: If you’re buying the chair just for looks or as a prop, comfort probably isn’t a very big deal. However, if you’re planning to sit in your chair often, find one with nice padding or cushions.

Most Popular: MU Royal Velvet High Back Armless Throne Chair

This retro-inspired high-backed throne chair is made of Dutch velveteen and is designed to match all of your other furniture with ease. The chair is built with a sturdy frame and imported oak feet with high-density storage padded cushions. It’s designed to not flip over and to hold up to 300 pounds. There is storage beneath the seat to easily keep things hidden away and tidy. The chair is available in three different colors.

Most Popular

Mu Retro High Back Armless Chair, Velvet Royal Furniture Chair, Upholstered Tufted Accent Seat for Living Room, Dressing Room, Bedroom, Black

With storage beneath the plush seats and a high back, this soft chair will be sure to add a little style and comfort to your room.

Best Baroque: Design Toscano Contessa Stylish Baroque Throne Chair

This gorgeous chair is hand-crafted from solid mahogany. It is designed to elegantly replicate and pay homage to original antiques. Each chair is individually finished by skilled artisans and hand upholstered for a unique and high-quality chair. The arms are scrolled and covered in Irish gold leaf. The exaggerated high back is upholstered in velvet, and each piece is hand-tufted for a chair that’s sure to brighten any room.

Best Baroque

Design Toscano Contessa Stylish Baroque Throne Chair

Hand-crafted for extreme quality and unique style, this chair is made of mahogany to give you a classy antique look.

Best Leather: Design Toscano The Fitzjames Throne

This classic chair is made of the highest-grade mahogany that has been kiln dried and expertly handled for a timeless classic look. It is a true European-style piece of furniture that takes inspiration from similar antiques. This chair requires three weeks to carve and is sure to stand out in any room. There are immense claws with winged creatures and Regal Sentinels. The seat is made of the highest-quality leather, and the back reaches almost 6 feet high. It is sure to be the stately centerpiece of any room and make you feel like royalty.

Best Leather

Design Toscano The Fitzjames Throne Leather Arm Chair

This chair is made of high-quality material that takes weeks to carve in order to achieve the intricate details.

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