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The Best Roller Skates for Women

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🕚 Updated March 2022

Roller skating is a fun activity you can enjoy at any age---so why stop when you are an adult? Finding a pair for your ability may be a challenge, but we're here to make it easier. Below are our favorites.

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  Top Choice Premium Choice Best Design Best Roller Sneakers Best Value
Women's and Girls' Classic White Roller Skates
Pro Roller Skates for Indoor and Rhythmic Skating
Cute Roller Skates for Girls and Women
sanheng fire
Deformation Parkour Shoe Skates
Roller Derby Store
Roller Star 600 Women's Skates
Our SummaryUltra classic design and style in these quad rink roller skates.Super-chic suede rollers available in a wide range of men's and women's sizes.Turn heads with these super fashionable and on-trend roller skates.Use the city as your playground with these roller sneakers.Freestyle comfort boot with padding for beginners and indoor use.
ProsComfortable boot, great for indoor use, classic style.Modern twist on retro skates, high-quality leather, good for indoor or outdoor skating.Unique color and patterns, comfortable boot, strong support on the foot and ankle.Discreet profile, transitional sneakers.Great deal, smooth turns and stopping, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
ConsRuns large, no color variations.Sizing conversion issues.Hard to break in.Difficult to learn to skate in, tricky wheels.Rigid boot structure, runs large.
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The Best Roller Skates for Women

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Buying Guide for Roller Skates for Women

Young fit black woman on roller skates riding outdoors on urban street.

Why buy a pair of roller skates for women? 

These nostalgic buys are great for a new hobby or a gift for a loved one. Roller skating is an accessible activity/sport that is fun even when taking spills in the roller rink. Having your pair of skates allows you to hit the streets, the local rink, or even spend time in your driveway with your little one.

What should you consider when buying roller skates for women?

  • Roller Skates vs. Inline SkatesThe primary difference between a roller skate and an inline skate is the alignment of the wheels. Roller skates have a set of wheels in the front and the back, whereas inline skates are constructed with their wheels in a line down the center of the boot’s base, not to be confused with rollerblades.  Because of this, if you’re a younger or more novice user, you might find that you prefer roller skates as a safer and easier means of enjoyment, and if you’re a more advanced user or beginning to race competitively, you might find that inline skates are better for you.
  • Indoor vs. Outdoor: If you’re looking to skate indoors, you’ll want to look for rink or rhythm skates with firmer wheels designed for maneuvering or dancing on indoor flooring. However, if you’re looking to enjoy skating outdoors, you’ll want to look for skates that offer wheels with more grip for better traction on concrete or pavement. For added versatility, look for skates that come with wheels made from materials like polyurethane that work for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Skate Bearings: Bearings are an essential component of any roller skates and play a huge role in your skating experience. They allow you to spin, maneuver, and rotate on your wheels. Bearings are often rated on the ABEC scale, with a higher number indicating a higher level of precision in the bearings. On average, you can expect to find that 8-millimeter axles (also known as standard 608 bearings) are the most common size.

What are some tips to take care of your roller skates?

If the boot of your skates is genuine leather, you’ll want to keep them dry and conditioned. Be careful of puddles, humidity, and sweat as these can get them dirty—you’ll want to loosen the laces and pull the tongue of the boot out so that the top is completely open to dry. For the trucks, you’ll want to keep them tightened, and for the bearings, you simply want to wipe them down and lubricate them to give you swift, smooth ride. As for the wheels, these are pretty maintenance-free; however, they will need to be replaced as they get worn down.

Our Picks for the Best Roller Skates for Women

Top Choice

Chicago Women's and Girls Classic White Roller Skates

Ultra classic design and style in these quad rink roller skates.

Pros: These high-top vinyl boots are as classic as it gets. They are suited to indoor/outdoor use thanks to their 60-millimeter urethane spoke core wheels with 608Z semi-precision speed bearings. This allows for excellent traction on pavement and sidewalks, making you less likely to take a spill. They are just as cute with an outfit out on the town as they are down at the local rink.

Cons: These run large, so you may have difficulty finding the right size for you. There are also no color variations available on these skates.

Bottom Line: If you want that classic white vinyl look, this is the skate for you. These are a functional starter pair for beginners with all of the nostalgic design.


Premium Choice

BFTL Pro Roller Skates for Indoor and Rhythmic Skating

Super-chic suede rollers available in a wide range of men's and women's sizes.

Pros: These ridiculously chic skates can almost pass for your favorite pair of high-end booties. They are supremely stylish and hip, offered in various beautiful colors and combos. The supersoft leather will age well, unlike many plastic and vinyl options. They’re also comfortable and provide excellent support, even for wider feet. This pair can’t be beaten for its looks, function, or comfort.

Cons: Be careful with the sizing chart—the US sizes run small on the conversion, so size up if you don’t know your European size.

Bottom Line: These skates are super functional and can be used for everyday outdoor use or rink and rhythmic skating. They’re ultra-comfy and won’t leave your feet aching during the break-in period. These skates are a true intersection of fashion and function.


Best Design

C SEVEN Cute Roller Skates for Girls and Women

Turn heads with these super fashionable and on-trend roller skates.

Pros: If you like to have all eyes on you at the rink, these funky skates are great for drawing a crowd. They’re offered in sweet lemony yellow, darling florals, and Abba-chic metallics. You’ll fall in love with the 83A urethane that allows for smooth, safe riding indoors and out. They also provide strong ankle support thanks to the structured PVC design and have a strong stopper when you need to stop on a dime.

Cons: The highly structured PVC boot is tight on wide and average feet, so these will need a break-in period.

Bottom Line: Cute, sassy, and unique—these boots are great for running errands, hitting the rink, or choreographing to the latest Beyoncé album.


Best Roller Sneakers

sanheng fire Deformation Parkour Shoe Skates

Use the city as your playground with these roller sneakers.

Pros: These aren’t your 7th-grade wheelie sneakers. These skate sneakers look like cool throwback kicks but have four discreet wheels tucked underneath. This is great for women who find typical roller skates uncomfortable, don’t like their look, or want to be able to zoom around the city without carrying an extra pair of shoes.

Cons: Rolling in these sneakers is unlike a typical skate, so they have a more significant learning curve.

Bottom Line: If you’re not ready to commit to the full roller skate or just looking for a shoe to add a little “woo!” to your day, this is a great pick.


Best Value

Roller Derby Roller Star 600 Women's Skates

Freestyle comfort boot with padding for beginners and indoor use.

Pros: Ready to dive back into roller skating but don’t want to break the bank? Look no further. These adorable skates are still retro-chic and at just a fraction of the cost of other models. But they don’t skimp on quality. You can turn precisely thanks to the RTX Pro Chassis. These offer a smooth ride, stops on a dime, and fashion.

Cons: The boot is not the most forgiving, so you may need to wear insoles or thick socks for additional comfort. These also run large.

Bottom Line: These are phenomenal skates for beginners or budgeters, best suited to roller rinks and other indoor venues. They offer a lot of bang for your buck.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re longing for the days of your youth, want a fun way to get into shape, or need a new fashion accessory, roller skates are just the thing. Once you find a pair you love, you’ll be wheeling around in style.

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