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The Best Jewelry Organizers

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🕚 Updated June 2022

Like most things in our homes, messy piles of jewelry could benefit from some organization. Check out our top picks for different ways to protect all your precious items, including shelves, vertical stands, cases, and racks.

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  Best Necklace Organizer Best Bracelet Organizer Best Ring Organizer Best Earring Organizer Best for Watches
30-Hook Jewelry Organizer
Three-Tier Velvet Bracelet Rack
100-Slot Ring Display Tray
360-Degree Rotating Earring Rack
Six-Slot Leather Watch Display Box
Our SummaryThis simple shelf features three layers of display options.A quality velvet display that holds up to 20 bangles and watches.This is perfect for displaying your favorite rings at home or your shop.Get a full view of up to 78 pairs of your favorite earrings with this organizer rack.Keep your watches looking their best in this organizer made of premium, waterproof faux leather.
ProsMounted shelf, 20 hooks, made of strong New Zealand pine, hanging bar option, fits any motif.Bracelet/watch storage, velvet rack, three display bars, removable for cleaning, extra storage in back.Ring display, quality PVC, soft foam insert and velvet, stores 100 rings and pendants, color options.Earring display, 360-degree spin, holds 78 pairs, four tiers, easy to assemble/disassemble.Watch display, faux leather, sturdy fiberboard, 100% waterproof, has lock and key.
ConsBar included on some models isn't secured to shelf.Arrange jewelry from most to least worn to avoid hassle.May not be the most durable option.Hang earrings with backs at the top to avoid reaching.Lock/key are lightweight and not intended to fully protect.
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The Best Jewelry Organizers

Jewelry box with mirror and stylish golden bijouterie on white marble table.
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Buying Guide for Jewelry Organizers

Jewelry box with stylish golden bijouterie on white table.
New Africa/Shutterstock.com

Why buy a jewelry organizer?

Proper storage for your jewelry will ensure it stays safe, protect it against environmental factors, and encourage utmost longevity. Jewelry organizers make it easy to peek, pick, and put on your favorite statement pieces, boosting your confidence and setting a positive tone for the day. It’s a small change that can make a world of difference in your busy life.

What should you look for in a jewelry organizer?

  • Size: Jewelry organizers come in various sizes, from small boxes to zippered pouches and freestanding displays. The amount of jewelry you have will determine how large of an organizer you need. Some even have special compartments for small and easily losable jewelry pieces, such as rings and earrings.
  • Material: Jewelry organizers are made from wood, metal, leather, marble, plastic, and more. Pick an organizer that looks nice in the space you want to keep while protecting your jewelry well.
  • Visibility: Different jewelry organizers have openings that may be see-through without even opening the box. Others may be solid and require being opened to see what is inside. It’s all up to your personal preference.

What are the different styles of jewelry organizers?

While jewelry organizers come in many shapes and functions, what works best depends on the amount of jewelry and the aesthetic and space you’re working with. Online stores offer organizers as simple as basic boxes or as complex as multi-tier hanging solutions. Even better if your new jewelry shelf, stand, or box doubles as décor.

Our Picks for the Best Jewelry Organizers

Best Necklace Organizer

SANY DAYO HOME 30-Hook Jewelry Organizer

This simple shelf features three layers of display options.

Pros: These elegant, mounted jewelry shelves with hooks are an easy way to display and detangle your favorite necklaces, bracelets, and dangly earrings. Constructed from stiff, strong New Zealand pine and boasting 20 sturdy metal hooks, you’ll create a beautiful display of sparkly jewelry that doesn’t cause an eyesore or take up coveted dresser space. Some models even include a nifty hanging bar for other light items. Make use of the top shelf and store makeup, perfume, or cute trinkets to elevate your space. You don’t have to compromise style for function—these go with any motif, including modern, vintage, and farmhouse.

Cons: If you choose a model with a hanging bar, be aware that the bar isn’t secured to the shelf.

Bottom Line: This is an easy solution for a potentially messy problem. Keep your priceless pieces together without the hassle of detangling.


Best Bracelet Organizer

Hivory Three-Tier Velvet Bracelet Rack

A quality velvet display that holds up to 20 bangles and watches.

Pros: Never misplace a bangle again with this fancy velvet rack that holds triple the bracelets and watches. Each stand is crafted from gorgeous, soft velvet to help protect your precious pieces from any damage, scratches, or abrasions, keeping your high-value items high value. The three display bars are removable for dusting and cleaning, which is especially beneficial for retail and boutique shops. Turn your stand around to reveal extra storage on the backside with room for extra jewelry, cosmetics, or whatever else fits.

Cons: Arrange your bracelets from most to least worn so you don’t have to pull your favorites from the middle every time.

Bottom Line: Put an end to buried-away bracelets with this roomy display rack. Its soft, velvety construction will add a touch of luxury to any space.


Best Ring Organizer

ZLY 100-Slot Ring Display Tray

This is perfect for displaying your favorite rings at home or your shop.

Pros: If you’re a ring person or own an entire shop full, this extra-convenient display case from ZLY is a fun, inviting way to display your unique collection. It’s crafted from quality PVC and cardboard with a fluffy foam insert and soft velvet to keep rings cushioned in their slots—open, tilt, and show customers without spilling jewelry. Got any cool brooches and lapel pins? Feel free to add them to the mesmerizing mix. Store up to 100 rings and pendants in a single box, which comes in bright pink, black, or white finishes.

Cons: This display case may not be the most durable option.

Bottom Line: Rings will always be in style, so grab every pair you own (plus a few new ones) and give them a happy home in your new display case.


Best Earring Organizer

Sooyee 360-Degree Rotating Earring Rack

Get a full view of up to 78 pairs of your favorite earrings with this organizer rack.

Pros: If you have some vertical space to display earrings, go for this Sooyee 360-degree organizer with four spacious tiers for up to 78 pairs of earrings. Its rotating, see-through design (each side boasting large, grooved plates) radiates charm and elegance once you add your snazzy taste to the mix. Its simplicity allows your jewelry to shine on its own. Hang your earrings and spin until you (or your customers) find the perfect pair. Set the rack on your dresser at home, or pack it up and take it on the road, as it’s easy to assemble and dissemble in under a minute.

Cons: Hang stud earrings (or any earring with a back) at the top to avoid reaching down into the rack to secure backings.

Bottom Line: Who doesn’t love a classic rotating jewelry stand? Find your favorite hoops, studs, and dangling earrings—all 78 pairs—and take them for a spin.


Best for Watches

NEX Six-Slot Leather Watch Display Box

Keep your watches looking their best in this organizer made of premium, waterproof faux leather.

Pros: Got a watch person in your life? This sophisticated leather display from NEX is a thoughtful gift for your timely friends. Featuring six roomy slots, the premium, faux-leather box is thoughtfully constructed from thick, sturdy fiberboard and made 100% waterproof. Inside, it features smooth, jewelry-friendly velvet for extra safe-keeping in any space. Store your precious items with a little more peace of mind, knowing you’ve secured them with the included lock and key. Your watch case will also keep your items clear of dust, dirt, and other airborne particles, helping preserve them longer.

Cons: The included lock and key are lightweight and not designed as a sole security measure.

Bottom Line: Time is of the essence, and it deserves a safe, comfy space in this snazzy watch case. Catch a glimpse of your timeless timepieces every time you walk by.

Final Thoughts

Safely storing your jewelry in a quality organizer is a convenient and creative way to save space and protect your precious items. Any of these top-rated jewelry organizers can make your life a little easier and elevate your accessory game.

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