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Fingertip Towels Your Guests and Family Will Admire

While there might be seemingly endless styles of towels, anyone who washes their hands will love a fingertip towel, and anyone decorating a bathroom knows they are a must. Used for quickly drying your fingers or hands, fingertip towels are smaller than regular hand towels yet larger than washcloths. Below are our favorites that your family and guests are sure to admire.

Purchasing Fingertip Towels

Towels are towels, right? Wrong! You wouldn’t use a washcloth to dry off after a shower, and you wouldn’t use a bath mat to wash your face. Specific towel designs have their specific purposes to make our lives easier and more comfortable! Fingertip towels are perfect for drying our hands after washing them and even absorbing our sweat after workouts. Take these things into consideration when you decide you’re ready to upgrade your fingertip towels or are simply finally ready to give them a try:

  • Material: You want your fingertip towels to be absorbent and soft to effectively dry your hands. High-quality cotton is generally the best material. The thicker the towel, the more absorbent it typically is.
  • Style: Choose a fingertip towel that fits with the rest of your bathroom for a complete look. For example, if your bathroom has a beachy theme, you can find nautical-themed fingertip towels. It’s generally best to stick with the color scheme of your room in your towels.

Best Overall: Creative Scents Cotton Fingertip Towels

These towels are made of 100% premium cotton, which makes them soft, thick, absorbent, and able to quickly dry hands. The edges are finished to prevent any unraveling, so you know they’ll always look good for guests. The colors are sure to match any bathroom style while adding a sense of sophistication. They are machine washable and come in a pack of four.

Best Overall

Best Monogrammed: Creative Scents Monogrammed Fingertip Towels

Made of 100% cotton with a luxurious velour finish, these towels are absorbent and soft. Available with your choice of letter neatly embroidered in silver thread, these towels are sure to announce you in a stylish and functional way. These machine-washable towels are designed to be ready for use whenever you are, will easily hang on a rack, and are ready to handle anything from wet hands in a bathroom to sweat after a workout.

Best Monogrammed

Best Embroidered: Classic Turkish Towels Decorative Luxury Fingertip Towels

Available in three nautical styles, these towels are made of 100% Turkish cotton. They offer an ultra-plush feel and are rated at 600 GSM for ultimate absorbency. They’re ready for whatever you can throw at them—drying hands, faces, or countertops. They are durable and thick and are made without any chemical processing, so they’re always soft and safe for your skin.

Best Fancy: Creative Scents Fingertip Towels Lace Trim

The towels are made of 100% for premium softness and absorbency with intricate stitching and a velour finish. On one edge of each towel, there is a masterfully stitched scallop lace trim for added beauty. The towels are machine washable and will be perfect in your bathroom or kitchen for extra elegance.

Best Reversible: Q-Tees Fringer Reversible Fingertip Towels

These towels are available in multiple colors and come in a pack of ten, so there is always one ready for use. One side of the towel is soft velour, while the other is an absorbent terry cloth. The towels also have fringed ends for added durability and style.

Best Reversible

Q-Tees - Fringed Reversible Fingertip Towel Size: 11" W x 18" L (10 Pack)

These reversible fingertip towels are absorbent and soft.

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