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Food Delivery Bags for Only the Freshest Food

man on bicycle with gray food delivery backpack

Food delivery—whether you’re transporting your own favorites back home, having a meal delivered to you, or bringing other folks their food, it requires a great bag to keep all that yumminess fresh and at its perfect temperature. Here, we’ve rounded up the best bags for food delivery that are sure to make a difference!

Purchasing Food Delivery Bags

It’s important to make sure the food bag you choose will serve the purpose you have in mind for it by keeping everything fresh! Consider these few key things to help make sure you get the right one:

  • Accommodating: Some bags will work for a variety of foods or drinks; others will be designed to only fit one type, such as a pizza or drinks. Be sure the bag you choose will work for the type of food you plan on delivering.
  • Insulated: A food bag without insulation can’t compare to one with it; insulation is the magic that keeps the food inside warm or cold and is essentially the whole point of a food delivery bag.
  • Straps: This will depend on which way is most comfortable for you to carry. For example, just hand straps might be challenging if you are transporting food on a bike. Some bags will offer a variety of ways to be carried; however, most will either have the basic backpack straps or hand straps.
  • Capacity: Depending on how much food you plan on delivering, be sure the bag you choose will offer the right capacity (holding space). Keep in mind that a bag with larger capacity can also be much heavier, so it should have good, sturdy straps. A smaller bag typically will not get as heavy, but you might run out of space for larger deliveries.
  • Closure: All bags should offer a secure closure (typically zipper or Velcro) so that the food stays nice and secure and maintains its temperature.

Best Holding Capacity: NZ Home XXL Insulated Grocery Bag

large black rectangular delivery bag with handles

Light and easy to carry, this bag is ideal for both hot and cold foods (although not together) and has durable and comfortable handles. Constructed with strength in mind, this bag will keep your items safe during transport and well-insulated during shopping or the drive home. There is an additional front pocket for storage, and when not in use, the bag collapses to save space. The top features a secure dual-zipper closure to keep all of your things safely inside at a temperature just right so that the food arrives just as it should.

Best Holding Capacity

NZ home XXL Insulated Cooler Bag for Food Delivery & Grocery Shopping with Zippered Top, Black (1 pack)

Extra room for extra goodies with insulated lining and comfortable handles.

Best with Cup Holders: PACMAXI Food Delivery Backpack

gray delivery backpack with white cups in side cup holders

Weighing only a hair over 3 pounds, this insulated backpack delivery bag is ideal for a range of uses and even offers six cup holders on the sides! There is a safety reflective strap for added peace of mind and a front mesh pocket with a clear receipt window. It is designed to be able to transport both hot and cold food and offers soft padded shoulder straps and a front buckle for added stability and comfort. This bag also offers two ways to remove food: top zipper closure or a side zipper closure to take food out of the bottom.

Best for Carrying Drinks: PACMAXI Drink Carrier for Delivery

different views of blue delivery bag with cup divider insert

Available in multiple colors, this drink carrier is great for a variety of deliveries and uses, from a reusable cup holder to a coffee travel tote to a travel drink holder for delivery. It’s ideal for a food delivery service worker, large family picnics, fun BBQs, or even tailgating parties! There are three removable inserts that can hold up to nine cups. There is an additional mesh divider that can hold utensils, napkins, or receipts and straws. Sturdy Velcro closure means no zipper breaks, and there is an adjustable shoulder strap with a clear ID slot on the top.

Best for Pizza: Rubbermaid Insulated Pizza and Food Delivery Bag

opened red pizza delivery bag with pizza boxes inside

Insulted and durable, this carrier has commercial-grade zippers and hook and loop closures to keep the food where it’s supposed to stay. Available in multiple sizes and styles, this bag also offers moisture regulation with metal grommets to release any excess steam and maintain food quality. There are padded easy-to-carry straps, a hanging loop for storage and drying, and a clear identification window for easy label references.

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