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Fun Back-to-School Paper Clips

Striped paper clips on brown paper.

When you need to keep a few pieces of paper together, but a staple just won’t do, it’s time to reach for a paper clip! This non-evasive tool comes in a variety of sizes and styles so you can keep your papers organized and eye-catching.

We have gathered together fun and stylish (as well as incredibly functional) paperclips for all your office and school needs. From behind the desk to learning in class to just about anything else, these paper clips are the best. Read on to see them!

What to Consider When Purchasing Paper Clips

Before you settle on a certain paper clip, make sure they will be able to do their job! Consider these factors while shopping for your next set:

  • Size: For smaller jobs, such as a few papers, a smaller paper clip is just fine. For those times when there are lots of papers to keep together, opt for a larger one. Be sure the size of the paper clip you choose can handle the papers, or simply opt for a variety pack, so you are always ready!
  • Coating: A simple metal paper clip can be fine, but one with coating can sometimes help thwart rust on the paper. A coating can also help diminish the chance of the paper clip tearing the paper.
  • Extra Features: Some paper clips will be magnetic, while others will even offer a fun shape of a letter for an added personalization. This doesn’t technically make them any more functional, but they are a lot more fun!

Top Choice: VINACO Durable and Rustproof Paper Clips

Six colorful paper clips with stripes.

Coming in a variety of sizes and fun striped colors, these paper clips are our top pick for most people. They are vinyl-coated for additional corrosion resistance and made with a smooth surface without snags that will hold tightly to paper. They are great for a variety of uses, from school papers to organizing jewelry or even a homemade bookmark. And with 300 pieces of paper clips to choose from, who knows what kind of uses you will find for them!

Top Choice

VINACO Durable and Rustproof Paper Clips

Medium and large paper clips designed with a smooth finish to grip papers without sliding.

Best Shapes: WSD Animal Shaped Paper Clips

Multi-colored animal shaped paper clips.

Made of 304 stainless steel, these fun-shaped paper clips are sturdy and durable as well as rustproof. A PET-coated finish gives them a smooth feel, and they are both non-toxic and odorless. There are 16 kinds of animal shapes, such as a cat, a penguin, rhinoceros, and more, making them great fun for daily use. These reliable clips are sure to delight both teachers and students, as they are equipped to hold up to 50 sheets of paper.

Best Shapes

WSD Animal Shaped Paper Clips

These odor-free and non-toxic clips have the capability to grip large amounts of paper.

Best Complete Set: Sopito Colored Office Clips Set

Multi-colored paper clips, binder clips, and rubber bands.

This colorful set is ready for all your office or schools needs, as it includes 12 binder clips, 80 rubber bands, 30 mini binder clips, 120 medium paper clips, 80 large paper clips, and eight large binder clips. Each metal clip is made of tempered steel, so they are rustproof and coated in plastic for additional durability and reuse. The rubber bands are made of simple elastic rubber.

Best Complete Set

Sopito Colored Office Clip Set

Includes just about every clip you will need for the office or school in a range of colors.

Best Personalized: Butler in the Home Pick Your Letter Paper Clips

Six black colored paper clips shaped like the letter K.
Butler in the Home

Available in any letter from the English A-Z alphabet, these paper clips come in a 100-count of your favorite letter! Included is a round tin to help store your personalized paper clips. The clips are coated in black color and are available in numbers too!

Best Personalized

Butler in the Home Pick Your Own Paper Clips

These paper clips allow you to choose your favorite letter and can make a great present.

Best Magnetic: DIYSELF Magnetic Metal Clips

Pink, orange, green, and blue magnetic metal clips.

These colorful magnetic clips are great for organizing or decorating across various surfaces. They are equipped with anti-scratch sticky pads to help protect your desk or refrigerator from damage. The clips are made of heavy-duty metal that is rust-resistant and feature coated magnets that are strong enough to hold up to 25 sheets of paper. Each is coated in a fun color, from yellow to blue to green to orange. These clips can be great at either school or home for reminders or hanging calendars and pictures.

Best Magnetic

DIYSELF Magnetic Metal Clips

Ideal for hanging up to 25 sheets of paper and features an anti-scratch magnet pad.

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