Get the Perfect Sear with These Grill Presses

a rectangular Cuisinart grill press with a wooden handle on top of burgers on the grill

Whether you want your beef, pork, seafood, or poultry, to have a delicious brown crust that’s a joy on the palette or want to make grilled cheese sandwiches and paninis that are to die for, a grill press is a tool you need to get the sear you’re looking for. These grill presses will take your chef skills to the next level!

If you’re just starting out with grill press, there are a few tips for getting the best results:

  • Preheat your grill press on your grill, in your skillet, or on your griddle to sear both sides at the same time.
  • Remember that the grill press will shorten your cooking time.
  • The grill press doesn’t have to be on your food the entire time you’re cooking. Once you have the sear you want, you can take it off.
  • Don’t crowd food under your grill press. If you do, you may end up steaming it.

If you keep these basic rules in mind, using a grill press is a very simple way to achieve a great taste and appealing presentation.

What Makes a Grill Press Great

These are things you should consider when selecting a grill press:

  • Weight: Most grill presses weigh 1.5 pounds to 2.5 pounds. You want a weight that will flatten what you’re cooking but not squash it. A grill press for thick cuts of meat needs to be heavier; more delicate foods require less weight. Presses that are less than a pound may not give you the results you want.
  • Size and Shape: Whatever is not under the grill press will not be seared, so make sure you choose a press that has a size and shape that will cover what you’re cooking completely.
  • Material: You want a grill press made from a material that will heat evenly. Cast iron grill presses have the weight and the conduction, but they do need extra care to prevent rusting. Stainless steel will not heat as much as cast iron, but they’re easier to care for.
  • Handle: A grill press should have a solid, sturdy handle that’s at a height that leaves enough room for you to grab it safely. If it’s made of a material that will heat up, don’t forget your oven mitt or a thick towel!

One or all of our grill press recommendations will make you look like a kitchen pro!

Best Cast Iron Press: Cuisinart Cast Iron Grill Press

rectangular dark gray Cusinart grill press with a wooden handle

This 2.4-pound cast-iron press is a handy tool that’s just the right size to make superstar grilled sandwiches; it’s also large enough to press two burgers at a time. The base is 8.75 inches by 4.4 inches, and the wooden handle is 3.5 inches high. The textured bottom gives you grill marks that will make you look like a pro!

Best Cast Iron Press

Cuisinart CGPR-221, Cast Iron Grill Press (Wood Handle)

Make great sandwiches and burgers with this grill press!

Best Stainless Steel Press: Winco Grill Press

chrome-colored rectangular grill press with an angled handle with a red rubber grip

With a unique one-piece design, this stainless steel grill press will sear your food and ensure that it cooks faster and more evenly. Its base is 7.7 inches by 4.5 inches, and the handle is covered with a silicone sleeve that’s heat resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and is 2.9 inches high. Everything from bacon, sausages, and burgers to hash browns and grilled vegetables will turn out just right with this grill press.

Best Stainless Steel Press

Winco SWS-74 Silicone Sleeve, Patty Meat Grill, Steak Weight Press, 4L X 7-1/2W-Inch, Silver

This stainless steel grill press works great and is easy to maintain!

Best Bacon Press: Norpro Cast Iron Bacon Press

dark gray cast iron bacon grill press with a decorated bottom and wooden handle

This cast-iron grill press’s size and shape make it perfect for making flat uniform strips of bacon, preventing it from curling and thus may not cook all the way through in some places. This bacon grill press will ensure that your bacon stays flat and is cooked evenly throughout each slice. The wooden handle is 3.25 inches from the cast iron base for a cooler grip. Whether in a pan on your stovetop or on your grill, this press will give you an even sear every time! As an added bonus, this bacon grill press can also work well on ham, grilled sandwiches, hamburgers, and quesadillas. If you have any questions about use, cleaning, seasoning, or storage, instructions come included for your benefit.

Best Bacon Press

Norpro Cast Iron Bacon Press with Wood Handle

This grill press is the perfect size for evenly cooked bacon.

Best for Grill Marks: Charcoal Companion CC5023 Press for Meats and Bacon

round dark gray cast iron grill press
Charcoal Companion

For exceptional grill marks, you can’t beat this cast iron grill press. The raised, ridged bottom leaves deep, classic grill marks while you weigh your food down for even cooking. This press is 7 inches in diameter, thick enough for even the meatiest, juiciest cuts of meat, and the round shape is particularly perfect for burgers. It weighs in at 2.75 pounds, which helps press unwanted fat away from your meat as you’re grilling. This is a great tool to have to jazz up your kitchen cooking, backyard grilling, or campfire masterpieces.

Also Great: Victoria Cast Iron and Seasoned Grill Press

black cast iron grill press with a slightly ridged wooden handle

You’ll love everything about this pre-seasoned cast iron grill press. It comes seasoned with healthy flaxseed oil, which is 100% non-GMO, kosher certified, and doesn’t contain any harmful PTFE or PFOAs. No matter what your dietary restrictions, the flaxseed oil should be compatible with them all. The texturized bottom keeps your meat firmly in place, preventing it from sliding around or moving during cooking, and ensures it cooks evenly. Using this grill press on thin meats and bacon can reduce the time they require to grill; it may even cut their cooking time in half. The wooden handle protects your hand from the heat and is screw-removable if desired. This grill press works for just about any meat or poultry you care to cook, and works great on food like paninis and quesadillas as well.

Also Great
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