Great Bathroom Vanities for a Complete Upgrade

The vanity is one of the most essential parts of the bathroom. It houses the sink as well as toiletries, towels, toilet paper, toothpaste, or whatever else you want to keep in the bathroom. A classy vanity can bring together your entire bathroom, and by simply upgrading the vanity, it can feel like you have a completely new room. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best bathroom vanities for you below to give your bathroom an upgrade.

Purchasing a Bathroom Vanity

Consider these factors before your purchase:

  • Size: Obviously, your new vanity has to fit in your bathroom! Make sure to measure the space and double-check the listed measurements before purchasing.
  • Shelves: How much are you planning to store in your vanity? If it’s just a little, you probably don’t need a bunch of drawers and shelves. On the other hand, if you have a large family or a lot of items, opt for one that offers more storage.
  • Customizable: Don’t want the same one-size-fits-all style? There are plenty of vanities that allow you to customize your style, especially with the color or the sink.
  • What’s Included: Some vanities don’t come with the sink or the faucet hardware (It’s rare, but it happens). Unless you want to find a sink and matching hardware separately yourself, make sure the vanity comes with them included.
  • Usage: If it’s only going to be used by you or if you don’t mind sharing, a single vanity should work well. However, if you don’t love sharing your space, choose a larger style that gives you your own spot to call your own during your morning and evening routines.

Best for Small Bathrooms: eclife Bathroom Vanity with Sink

This vanity comes in two colors and offers a faucet aerator that allows you to use up to 30% less water. It comes with a chrome faucet and a U-shaped pop-up drain included. The stone powder and resin sink will be easy to clean, and an adjustable P-bend makes the sink’s drainage pipe installation convenient. This vanity is a wall mount with stainless steel slide hinges for smooth and easy operation.

Best With Side Cabinets: eclife 48″ Bathroom Vanity Sink Combo

This vanity is made of plywood for durability and is designed to seamlessly fit into most bathrooms. The hardware is durable: stainless steel soft close hinges, high-quality slide rails, zinc alloy handles, and rustproof plastic covers. The vanity also boasts aluminum alloy footpads along with eight drawers for storage and a durable chrome-coated brass faucet. The vessel sink is included and made of white ceramic with an easy-to-clean glossy surface. In fact, everything is included with this vanity, from sink to faucet to hot/cold water lines as well as the solid umbrella pop-up drain and a mounting ring in a chrome finish.

Best Style Options: LUCKWIND Bathroom Vanity Vessel Sink Combo

The cabinets on this vanity are built from moisture-proof and odor-free MDF board. The cabinet is designed to allow for ample foot space while washing hands and offers multiple storage compartments. The drawers have silent closures and prevent moisture from reaching your things stored inside. The vessel sink is made of tempered glass for durability and can be customized to meet your style preference with multiple sink colors to match just about any decor seamlessly. The hardware is brushed nickel, and the drainage has down/sidewall options. The included faucet has a single handle with a pop-up drain. Included with this set is everything you need to upgrade your bathroom, along with a bathroom mirror.

Best Style Options

Best Double: U-Eway Double Vanity

This free-standing vanity is ideal for anyone who likes to have their own space in the bathroom. The vanity itself is made of durable MDF wood with porcelain vessel sinks with chrome faucets and pop-up drains. The vanities have two big drawers, upper cabinet frosted glass panels, and soft-closing doors to give your bathroom an upgrade and luxurious appearance and feel. The smaller middle vanity is three drawers high with quality since alloy handles and slide rails. The table corners are waterproof for added durability, and each sink provides plenty of space for both storage and use. The mirrors are included with the set.

Best Double

60" Double Vanity (2 24" Vanity,2 Porcelain Vessel Basin Sink,1 12" Side Cabinets),Double Bathroom Vanity Top with Porcelain White Sink,1.5 GPM Faucet/Drain Parts/Mirror Includes

This free-standing vanity is designed to give you lots of space for use and storage as well as a luxurious appearance and feel.

Best Corner: Renovators Supply Corner Wall Mount Vanity Sink

This triangle-shaped sink is ideal for those small places like powder rooms or small bathrooms with limited space. Designed to bring a touch of modern flair, this vanity is wall-hung and fits in corners. It is stain and scratch-resistant and allows you to safely store your bathroom products, keeping them tucked away from view, water, and little hands.

Best With Open Shelves: Swiss Madison Pierre Bathroom Vanity

This bathroom vanity hangs on the wall for an added minimalistic appearance with fully open glass shelving. The frame itself is durable black metal to give you added storage without any bulk. A high-gloss ceramic basin sink is included and gives the vanity an overall modern and industrial look.

Best With Open Shelves

Swiss Madison SM-BV551 Pierre Bathroom Vanity, 19.5"

Ideal for small spaces, this vanity gives you storage with a sleek, modern look.

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