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Great Classroom Timers for Kids

two children reading books in a classroom with a timer resting in front of them

Timers assist teachers and students in keeping track of the time during quizzes, tests, classroom activities, and even playtime or recess. Some timed activities may cause students anxiety, so it’s key to increase a sense of calm when possible. For example, implementing easy-to-read timers with adjustable alarm sounds may alleviate students’ stress, while reinforcing the importance of time management. Also, younger students benefit from regular practice with a timer as they begin to understand the passage of time. Read on to see some classroom timers we recommend.

What to Look for in a Classroom Timer

Before you make a purchase, think about the following factors:

  • Age Group: Timer designs differ according to the targeted age group. High schoolers may get a kick out of the multicolored sand timers, but that’s about it. Higher-level students who take a lot of quizzes and tests will likely benefit more from larger, easy-to-read timers. There are many timer options for all ages in between.
  • Activities: If you want a timer for recess, then it makes sense to look for a portable and durable timer. Other timers can be placed on a magnetic chalkboard or set on students’ desks for quizzes and tests. If the lesson is to improve behavioral skills in the classroom, there are silent, large display timers that serve to teach students pacing or patience.
  • Budget: It’s difficult to advise on expenses when it comes to classroom resources like timers. The short story is that there are more expensive and less expensive timers on the market! No, seriously, you will find affordable timers that are not cheap in quality.

Largest Display: Secura 60-Minute Visual Countdown Timer

White display countdown timer with red disc to show how much time is left.

The Secura countdown timer makes time management a cinch for students with its easy-to-read red and white display. When you set the 7.5-inch timer for 60 minutes, the disc appears in a full, solid red disc. The red disc decreases at the rate time elapse. Bonuses? The timer does not tick and the alarm can be set to quiet or loud. The timer can be helpful at home or work, too.

Largest Display

Secura 60-Minute Visual Timer, Classroom Countdown Clock, Silent Timer for Kids and Adults, Time Management Tool for Teaching (Dark Gray)

No anxious guessing about how much time a student has left on a test. This timer is easy to read, and the alarm sound can be adjusted to further alleviate stress.

Best Budget: Classroom Magnetic Digital Timer 2 Pack

Little girl reading a book with a timer placed to her left

You can position these colorful timers in multiple ways as it features a kickstand, strong magnet backing, and a hook for hanging. Set the time to its max at 99 minutes and 59 seconds (that’s precise, right?) or less using three buttons (minutes, seconds, and start/stop). The timer counts up and counts down and includes a memory setting so that you don’t have to reset for repeat timings.

Best Budget

Classroom Timers for Teachers Kids Large Magnetic Digital Timer 2 Pack

You get all you need in a good timer without having to sacrifice standards. Plus, you get two timers with one order!

Fun Stoplight Colors: Learning Resources Time Tracker

Timer shaped as column, lights up red, yellow or green indicating time left

Learning Resources had your students’ needs in mind when they designed this fun timer. You’ll find the LCD digital display at the base of the timer, which shows the total time left. Simply use the buttons to set the time. As time passes, the timer shines green, then yellow, and finally red when time is up. The setup is meant to give students an introduction to numbers and time, as well as stoplights! No driving permitted.

Fun Stoplight Colors

Learning Resources Time Tracker Visual Timer & Clock - 1 Piece, Classroom Tracker, Alarm Clock, Light Up Timer for Classroom, Visual Tracker

What a great timer for introducing kids to time! It aids in teaching standard conventions such as green means go, and so on.

Most Accommodating: Time Timer MOD

Timer in foreground, little girl with safety google finishing a test in background, also a beaker full of blue liquid

Students with and without learning disabilities will learn important skills such as time management, self-regulation, and concentration with regular use of this timer. It’s easy to set and produces no loud ticking. As time passes, the red disk disappears clockwise like an analog clock. Students won’t have stress because they’ll know exactly how much time they have left.

Most Accommodating

Hourglass Timers: ArtCreativity Colored Sand Timers for Kids

Little boy watching sand in sand timer

No need to endure the boredom of watching time pass. These colorful sand timers make the passage of time a delight! As they are small (only 3.5 inches), each student may need their own or share with a partner to clearly see when time is up. The max time for each timer is approximately two minutes.

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