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Grill Like a Boss with These BBQ Gloves

three scenarios of people grilling and using heat-resistant gloves
Grill Heat Aid/Homemaxs/NORTHLANDER

Every grill master knows that grilling gloves are what you need to handle hot chimney starters, tongs, skewers, thermometers, and racks safely and comfortably. Use these grilling gloves to keep your hands and forearms safe when the heat is on!

Finding Gloves to Handle the Heat

Grilling gloves with these features are what you need when working over an open fire:

  • Temperature Range: Gloves with a heat resistance of around 450 degrees Fahrenheit are fine to use, but in some cases, a higher heat resistance is preferable. Some gloves appropriate for grilling are also resistant to colder temperatures for more versatile use.
  • Additional Protection: In addition to heat resistance, you may need protection from steam, grease, or oil. Some materials are better for that than others. Your grilling gloves should have an inner lining for optimal protection.
  • Size & Fit: One of the reasons that grilling gloves are preferable to oven kitchen oven mitts is that you want manual dexterity for gripping small objects like skewers and thermometers, as well as bigger items like pans. Try to find gloves with a size that’s a pretty close fit but doesn’t restrict your movements. Gloves should have a nonslip grip. You should also consider the length of the cuff or sleeve on the glove to protect your wrists and forearms.

Try one of our recommended grilling gloves for your next barbeque!

Best Heat Resistance: Homemaxs BBQ Gloves

two black grilling gloves; one is shown on a hand of a person at the grill

These ambidextrous gloves provide protection from intense grill temperatures up to 1472 degrees Fahrenheit with three heat-resistant layers. The soft and stretchy gloves are made from heat-resistant polyester and cotton, then coated with anti-slip silicone and lined with breathable cotton for added heat protection. The silicone pattern on the surface of the glove makes them anti-slip, and the 6-inch sleeve protects your wrists and forearms. These machine-washable gloves are black, and the silicone coating comes in black, white, red, or blue.

Best Waterproof Gloves: OYOGAA Grilling Gloves

black long gloves shown with ice cubes and flames to show heat and cold resistance

The neoprene outer layer of these gloves protects you from both water, steam, oil, and flares up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit. The glue coating on the palm and fingers of the gloves makes them nonslip, and they have a thick double-layer cotton inner lining to increase comfort and durability, with an extended length of 14 inches for additional protection. These gloves can be cleaned with soap and water.

Best Color Options: NORTHLANDER Grilling Gloves

black gloves with grippy dots on them shown on a hand flipping meat on a grill

These gloves offer protection in -104 degrees up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit. The food-grade silicone is soft to bend for safely gripping small objects like a grill thermometer, charcoal briquettes, or wood chips. Nonslip, fireproof, and waterproof, the double-layer cotton lining and 13.4-inch sleeves give you extra protection. Clean them with soap and water, or just throw them into the dishwasher!

Best Leather Gloves: RAPICCA Grilling Gloves

a pair of blue and yellow long gloves shown on a white background and on a hand

Made of leather with Kevlar and double padding on the palms, fingers, and backs, these grilling/welding gloves are designed for durable heat protection up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit. The outer layer is lined with a flame-retardant cotton pad, then air-isolated aluminum foil, and finally insulated with an additional layer of flame-retardant cotton lining for outstanding comfort. Stitched with Kevlar thread, these extra-long 16-inch gloves are built to last!

Best Fit: Grill Heat Aid Grilling Gloves

a pair of Grill Heat Aid gloves with blue lines on the back shown on a hand by a grill flame
Grill Heat Aid

These lightweight and super flexible ambidextrous gloves are heat resistant up to 662 degrees Fahrenheit. The base layer of the glove is woven from aramid fibers that offer heat resistance similar to Kevlar, which is also an aramid material. The interior of the gloves is lined with cotton. Grill Heat Aid offers one size with a cuff just over the wrist that’s also available with a longer cuff, and a small to medium size with a 5.5-inch cuff and a 4.9-inch palm. Their extra-small size is perfect for kids! The gloves come in white and black, with silicone coatings in blue, black, gray, white, green, red, and hot pink. Patterns include spiderweb and polka dot.

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