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Grow Amaryllis Flowers at Home with These Bulbs

Amaryllis blooms are flowers known for their beautiful trumpet shape, long leafless stalks, and vibrant colors. They’re also called belladonna lilies, though they are only very distantly related to true lilies. Amaryllis is a warm-weather plant, so it’s a popular choice for interior decoration just as much, if not more so, as it is for gardens. Not only are amaryllis flowers lovely, but each bulb grows one to two stalks, and each stalk can grow up to four blooms, so you essentially get several flowers or a small bouquet from a single bulb. When fully grown, the flowers can range in size anywhere from 4 to 10 inches, and the whole plant may grow as high as 2 or 3 feet tall. While you can plant and cultivate amaryllis flowers from seeds, amaryllis bulbs tend to be considered the preferred choice for most gardeners and botanists. Amaryllis plants are flowering bulbs by nature, so growing them from a bulb is more efficient than a seed. If you want to add some amaryllis flowers to your garden plot or living space, here are a few amaryllis bulbs we recommend.

What Should You Consider in Amaryllis Bulbs?

Here are a few things to think about before buying:

  • Indoor vs. Outdoor: As mentioned, amaryllis flowers make great live home decorations if you want to add some flowers or plants to your living space. In fact, there are some amaryllis bulbs that are sold specifically for interior use. These bulbs tend to be sold as part of a kit with a vase or are grown from a waxed bulb. Waxed bulbs especially are convenient for inside growth since they are extremely low maintenance and don’t require soil or watering. Keep in mind, though, that amaryllis plants growing from waxed bulbs can’t be saved, planted, and flower again once they die in the way that regular amaryllis blooms can. If you plan to plant your amaryllis flowers in your garden, be sure to avoid kits and waxed bulbs. Also be sure that your area’s climate is suitable for growing these warm-weather plants.
  • Colors: Amaryllis flowers can come in a good range of colors, shades, and hues. Red and white are the most popular choices, but they’re not the only options. Rose pink, salmon, burgundy, apricot, pastel pink, pale orange, yellow, and purple are all choices, too. There are also more rare shades, like lilac-blue (the closest to a natural true blue amaryllis), green, and hot pink. Multicolored and picotee (petals that are one color, with an edge that’s a different color) are also easily available if you want some extra flair, such as the red and white “dancing queen” color variety. Unlike many other types of flowers, amaryllis bulbs aren’t often sold in assorted packs, so you should always know exactly which color or colors your flowers will turn out to be.
  • Quantity: As mentioned, amaryllis flowers tend to produce multiple flowers from one bulb. And they’re also fairly large plants and flowers in general. This means that, unlike other species of flowers, they’re most commonly sold as individual bulbs. This is especially true of varieties designed specifically to be houseplants. They’re rarely (if ever) sold in bulk packs. However, if you want to buy amaryllis bulbs to plant outside, you should be able to find them in packs of two to five bulbs. Any quantity larger than five may be tricky to come across, so you may have to buy several smaller sets if you want a high volume of amaryllis flowers for your garden.

Best Rare Color: Marde Ross & Company Hot Pink Amaryllis Bulbs

Most people love flowers of a rare or unusual color. Usually, if you want some flowers with uncommon coloring, you have to get artificial or dyed blooms. Not with these amaryllis bulbs, though. These bulbs grow into belladonna amaryllis flowers in a beautiful and rare shade of hot pink that is completely natural and very rare. You receive five bulbs with your purchase, each of which will grow into a tall, trumpet-shaped flower. These amaryllis flowers will grow to a height of 2 to 3 feet when they’re fully mature. All five bulbs come fresh and ready for planting. For best results, plant them in the spring in a 5-inch hole with the bulbs’ necks just below ground level, and you’ll have beautiful blossoms by August or early September. And unless you plant them in well-drained soil, you don’t have to water them in the summer. Note that in some cases, the bulbs need some time to get settled and establish strong, permanent roots, so they might not bloom in the first season. Amaryllis flowers are perennial, so they’ll grow back for years as long as they’re cared for properly.

Best Rare Color

Rose Hot Pink Amaryllis Belladonna - 5 Small Bulbs - Rare Color

A set of five amaryllis bulbs that grow into flowers in a rare hot pink color.

Best Multicolored: Amaryllis Dancing Queen Red & White Blooms from Easy to Grow

Multicolored flowers are a great way to add a distinctive and eye-catching look to your home or garden. They also offer the advantage of being able to match a wider variety of home interior color schemes. If you want multicolored amaryllis flowers for either your garden or home, this singular bulb will grow into red and white amaryllis blooms that will look beautiful in your flowerbed or as a centerpiece. It is fast-growing, potentially blossoming within four to eight weeks of planting, and it requires pretty minimal care. Plant the bulb in a spot that gets plenty of sunlight, water it occasionally, and you’ll be good to go. If you decide to grow these amaryllis flowers outside, be sure to plant the bulb in well-drained soil to avoid rotting. The flower can grow to anywhere between 18 to 36 inches in height. Depending on your local climate, you’ll want to plant this bulb sometime between October and April. If you move the plant indoors around mid-August, this bulb should re-grow into new flowers by the next season.

Best Multicolored

Amaryllis 'Dancing Queen' (1 Pack) Indoor or Garden Plant Bulb - Coral Pink and White Double-Flowering Blooms, Professionally Grown from Easy to Grow

A bulb that grows into gorgeous white and red amaryllis flowers that can be re-grown year after year if cared for properly.

Best Kit: Grow Your Own Indoor Amaryllis Bulb Gift Kit from Easy to Grow

If you already know that you want to grow your new amaryllis flowers indoors rather than out in your garden, this kit is a perfect choice. Not only do you receive a bulb that will grow into the amaryllis flowers in the color of your choosing, but it also comes with a planter, so you don’t have to provide your own vase, and you know the flower will fit properly inside it. This plant is simple to care for, requiring only partial sunlight, the occasional low to moderate watering, and well-draining soil. It can bloom within four to eight weeks of being planted and will likely grow to 18 to 36 inches tall and around 12 inches wide. If care for properly, your amaryllis flowers will grow back each season and make for excellent, easy to care for, long-term houseplants. With this kit, you have the choice between four different colored blooms and vases in five different colored shapes, colors, and designs.

Best Kit

Amaryllis Red Ferrari Flower Bulb Planted in a Silver Square Gift - Red Flowering Bulb for Indoor Forcing - Blooms in 4-8 Weeks - from Easy to Grow

An amaryllis flower kit that comes with a bulb in the color of your choosing and a perfectly sized planter.

Best Waxed Bulb: Holland Bulb Farms Waxed Amaryllis Flower Bulb With Stand

If you want a flower or houseplant as a decoration or centerpiece but travel out of town a lot, you may think you don’t have the schedule to properly care for one. Fortunately, this amaryllis plant solves this problem for you. The waxed bulb comes already packed into a red stand and doesn’t require any watering, ever. All you have to do is make sure you set it in a spot that gets enough sunlight; no other maintenance or attention is needed. And the amaryllis is 100% a real flower, not fake, despite its extremely low maintenance requirements. The large, singular 30/32-count bulb will grow into several amaryllis blossoms (the actual number will vary). You may start to see flowers as early as four to eight weeks after receiving the bulb and putting it in the sunlight. Since this amaryllis bulb requires minimal maintenance, it makes a great present for any friend or loved one, no matter how busy their schedule.

Best Waxed Bulb

Red Base Waxed Amaryllis Flower Bulb with Stand, No Water Needed

A waxed amaryllis bulb that requires no maintenance other than direct sunlight.

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