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Headband Wigs to Revamp Your Style

three beautiful women modeling headbands and wigs

Sometimes your natural hair just doesn’t cooperate, but throwing it in a ponytail can get boring. Headband wigs are an easy way to create a quick, natural-looking, picture-worthy hairstyle. Check out these great options.

Purchasing a Headband Wig

Consider the following features before selecting a wig:

  • Length: Are you looking for a short style, something in the middle, or a longer length? All are readily available.
  • Style: From straight to curly to almost everything in between, choose a style that you love!
  • Versatility: Some wigs will allow you to dye, bleach, and style them. If that is important to you, then make sure the wig you choose allows it.
  • Material: There are synthetic wigs, and then there are wigs made of real human hair. Obviously, a wig made with real hair will provide a much more natural appearance, so check for this before purchasing.
  • Headband: Most headband wigs come equipped with a large headband, although the styles may vary. If you like the style of the headband, great! If not, look for one that will allow you to switch up the style.
  • Front Style: Lace-front wigs can be great, although they don’t always look the best beneath a headband. Look for a wig that will rest discreetly on your head and hold the hair out of your face.

Top Choice: Cossaro Curly Headband Wig

front and back view long black curly headband wig

Available in multiple lengths, this 100% human hair headband wig offers a curly appearance with a natural look. The hair density is 150% and retains its natural color. This wig can easily be styled in a ponytail or bun for any occasion and is available in multiple cap sizes to ensure this wig fits just right. The headband is sewn onto the wig, so there is no slipping or repositioning the headband during wear.

Top Choice

Cassaro Curly Headband Wig

This naturally curly headband wig is 100% human hair and can be easily styled.

Easiest to Style: IVCoco Curly Headband Wig

black and camo headbands on mannequin displaying long black curly headband wig

This easy-to-style headband wig is made of 100% unprocessed Brazillian human hair with a 150% density and with multiple styles to choose from. The headband is attached with Velcro, and the natural hair allows it to be dyed, bleached, permed, straightened, and curled. There is no lace front, and the Velcro can easily be adjusted to make sure you’re always looking your best.

Easiest to Style

IVCoco Curly Headband Wig

With a velcro headband that can be easily positioned, this 100% human hair wig can easily be dyed, permed, straightened, or curled to achieve whatever look you want.

Best Wavy Style: catti Body Wave Headband Wig

three style options for long black wavy headband wig on mannequin

Available in lengths up to 26 inches, this headband wig is made of unprocessed Brazillian human hair and styled with a gorgeous wave and a unique printed headband. The hair can easily be dyed, and the wig itself is designed to be beginner-friendly with no glue needed, and it can easily be put in ponytails, buns, or just left down for a gorgeous look all your own.

Best Wavy Style

catti Body Wave Headband Wig

Easily worn and styled, this long wig is great for beginners.

Best Highlighted: Benafee Highlights Headband Wig

two views highlighted curly headband wig with auburn and black color on mannequin

Coming in various highlights and lengths, this wig requires no gel or glue to achieve that perfect look and features real human hair attached to an elastic ice silky headband that is friendly to sensitive skin. It’s designed to look natural by showing off your natural hairline. The back is a natural color with front dyed auburn highlights and a deep wave. This wig also comes with three headbands, so you can always have the look you want.

Best Highlighted Style

Benafee Highlights Headband Wig

This wig is made of 100% human hair and features a gorgeous auburn color on the front.

Best Straight: Rense Straight Headband Wig

two views short and longer style black headband wig on model with colorful headband

This non-lace human hair wig can be curled or straightened and is non-shedding, tangle-free, and soft. It can be worn to the gym, out shopping, or wherever you go on a normal day. It gives a quick and cute style without any extra work. This wig can also be dyed or bleached without worry, and the headband is both comfortable and breathable. Get it in five lengths.

Best Straight

Rense Straight Headband Wig

The headband is breathable and comfortable, and the wig itself can easily be styled to match your preference.

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